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Adam Wolfe Review: The High Volume Mystery Game

A casual horror-adventure game that engages your brain into well-thought puzzles as well as a shootout with flaming entities. Take to the streets of San Francisco, and witness a gameplay experience full of exceptional crimes and supernatural phenomenons.

You play as an investigator of the paranormal, who is haunted by his sister’s mysterious disappearance. 

The bulk of the gameplay is a point-and-click quest in the first person where you use your wits, observation skills, and trigger finger to move forward. Oddly minimalistic, this supernatural game tries to supply the highest possible impact with the lowest possible effort.

It brings back the hidden object in the picture gaming genre back, pairing it with a good storyline and some action.

Developed and published by Serbian studio Mad Head Games, this interactive mystery series is an attractive title that captures attention at first sight.

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Slowly unravel a large plot that leads to your missing sibling, but also has the capability to drag you into the abyss forever. An awesome psychological thriller packed with more than 8 hours of challenging case-solving mechanics.

There are several mystery games available in the market, but Adam Wolfe stands out because of its aesthetic appeal and gameplay that is beyond clever puzzles.

Adam wolfe review
Adam Wolfe review

The first episode is an introduction and is made to understand the controls rather than provide thrills. As the journey progresses, it becomes more interesting.

The second and third episodes are very captivating. It all ends well in the fourth episode abruptly, but that is what you expect from a riddle game!

Every step in the escapade offers a different sort of encounter. There are fights, jigsaws, and hidden-object puzzles presented in reasonably satisfying hand-drawn graphics.

A number of twists and turns make this title a must-play for puzzle lovers. It is all held together with a neat UI.

This HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) looks really awesome and well built. The music is organized like a film, it provides the right vibe at every moment as the story succeeds.

Be it the pressing simple piano or up-tempo rhythm from a symphony orchestra, the sound is admirable.

Every dialogue is done extraordinarily well and offers top-quality voice work. The only thing that is kind of a buzz-kill is that the puzzles presented are quite simple to solve.

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Developers have focussed on evolving the genre to something special and in the process have lost the purpose.


A great game to kill time if there is nothing much to do or if you want to play something light. The game rolls along throwing pyromaniacs, demons, intruders, and weird clues at you frequently keeping things interesting.

The card puzzle during the second episode was pretty cool. It is recommended for newcomers, as it offers a unique approach to the puzzle genre.

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It has fast travel and a fairly fast hint recharge alongside the ability to skip minigames which comes handy when you are in only for the story. Savor shooting, driving, and solving puzzles!

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