Dauntless is an action role-playing game which is developed by the Phoenix labs. Where players have to fight with Creatures called Behemoths. But, defeating Behemoths in dauntless is not easy, as the creature has more power than you.  

Defeating the behemoth can only lead you to upgrade yourself & your weapons. So it becomes one of the most important tasks in dauntless. Behemoth has three categories which are Rogue, Regular, and special class. In which Special is the strongest while the Rogue is the weakest. Every behemoth has different abilities like shock, frost, and blaze.

As a player, you have to defeat all the behemoths but don’t know how to do it??. In this blog we will cover all tips & tricks you need to beat behemoths. 

Let’s begin the guide.



The Gnasher behemoth has beaver-Esque quality. If we talk about dauntless new behemoth Gnasher will be on the top. Gnasher can charge at you with their full force or can throw you from his long tail. And the most dangerous thing, he can crush you with his full power(you’ll probably die). 

If we talk about this dauntless behemoth weakness. The tail and face will be the weakest spots of the gnasher behemoth. They also attack swift slices from these two regions. So, when Gnasher decides to swipe its tail, just try to dodge it before the landing. This attack will give you some seconds to beat Gnasher at its back. 

Gnasher behemoth has three variants:- 


One of the weakest behemoths, coming up with dark-gold color.  


This behemoth can be found in the monstrous verge zone of the shattered isles. 


Ragtail gnasher is one of the biggest, strongest & quickest behemoths in dauntless. 



Quillshot is a hybrid behemoth on steroids. His muscular & dangerous look can be a danger to you including his backs, tails, and legs. while fighting, You should attack continuously as he can shoot at you from various parts of the body. 

In addition to it, he can also smash you to the ground with his huge belly. There are two strategies to defeat it:- you can dodge his move and shoot from a long distance. Or you can beat him with a heavy weapon. Applying these strategies increases your chance of winning. 

Quillshot behemoth has two variants:- 


This behemoth can be found on the monstrous verge and the yonder keys. It has a gray body and turquoise shards. 


It is a huge-sized behemoth. So, you need lots of power to take it down. It roams in the maelstrom zone of the shattered isles. 

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It is a combination of an owl and an eagle, it is a hybrid behemoth. It has huge wings, very sharp talons, and prowess like a bird. Shrike used all of this quality for its advantage in the war. Shrike walks heavily in the shattered isles. Where they can hurt you if they spot you. 

Shrike can cut you with his talons and can smash you down with his wings. And it can make good use of his strength and speed. They probably swipe you with their claws so be careful about it. If you are confident, then try to swipe under its belly when the shrike moves towards you. 

This will help you to attack the shrike behemoth. Majorly, there are three types of Shrike: 


This behemoth roams in the sheltered frontier. It is quietly different from other behemoths as it doesn’t have strengths and weaknesses. 


It is an intermediate level of the behemoth. It is found on the monstrous verge. 


Moonreaver is a very hard-to-beat among all the variants of a shrine behemoth. It has a bigger size and has a dark blue color. 



A powerful turtle-shaped behemoth who loves fire very much. Charron can throw hot lava from the cracks in their body. But never underestimate its slow attacks. They can throw hot magma at very long distances. Which can usually degrade your health. 

It moves in a circular motion for a few minutes to throw the fire. You can use this time to land some attacks & moves at their big underbelly. If you have any weapon then it will be your best fight ever. Due to weapons, you can easily deal a huge amount of damage. 

There are two types of charrog present in the shattered Isles:- 


Charrog can be found in the yonder key zones. It has a muddy brown color and a red glowing underbelly. 


A detailed version of the charogg. It roams around the maelstrom. 



Embermane is said to be the king of charge. It has a rhino shape and a huge size which makes them very hard to defeat. Embermane steps back before launching attacks at you with their sharp horns. Dodging at the right time can be beneficial for the players. 

And if you are going to attack the embermane then, be careful about their spinning attack from their legs. There are types of this species. 


It is the weakest behemoth among the three variants. It is found in the sheltered frontier. 


A dark red colored behemoth has black stripes. It lives in the yonder keys. It has a dark red color with faint black stripes. 


Bloodfire is very tougher, bigger, and quicker among this variant. It can be very difficult to defeat, a single player. He lives in the maelstrom zone. 

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It can be found in the yonder keys. Skraevs are similar to their siblings, the shrikes. But, they have more power than the shrike. Due to their frosty ability, they can create tornadoes or do something new to stop you. 

You can defeat skraev by following the strategy you use to defeat the shrike. You must land a huge attack on their feet or underbelly, tail, or face. This was the skraev dauntless behemoth’s weakness. But due to their frost ability, it can be quite difficult. Try to attack the skraev with any weapon, if possible. There are no variants of Skraev. 



Having a body like a crocodile and the ability of a dragon. He uses their long tail to harm you. Drask can be found in the yonder key zone of the shattered Isles. Be careful about their shock attack which can highly damage your health. 

It is recommended to focus on their legs and use a blaze element weapon. But if these behemoths start roaming around you. then a perfect dodge towards the center of their body can give them a lot of damage.



Boreus Variants are prone to fire. There are two variants of Boreus.

  • Lesser Boreus

Lesser Boreus can be found in Rook’s isle and it can be easily identified due to its blue body and brown fur. 

  • Dreadfrost Boreus

Dreadfrost Boreus can be identified due to the darker purple shade than the standard Boreus. Plus Dreadfrost Boreus have a more luminous body.


And this is what you should know about the behemoths before going to fight with them. It is very important to identify their look. How do they fight or attack and how to point out their weaknesses?

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