How to Get Dauntless Exotic Weapons?

Currently, there are only three exotic weapons available in Dauntless: An Exotic Hammer, an

exotic War Pike, and an exotic Sword. These dauntless exotic weapons work like traditional weapons, you have to upgrade them by harvesting Behemoth parts.

It’s not that easy to get the dauntless exotic weapon. Each exotic weapons are endgame content in the game and don’t go for them especially when you are at a low level. You also need to pray to the Gods of RNG (Random Number Generators).

Random Number Generators (RNG) is a randomizer that determines what loot your Behemoth will drop. Before crafting the exotic weapon get the Blueprint dropped by Behemoth. Blueprints are pretty rare so grind before getting them. After getting the blueprint collect the material needed to craft the dauntless exotic weapons.

Here are the following details on how to find the exotic blueprint.

How To Get Exotics Blueprints

To get the exotic Blueprints first you have to unlock the skills to engage in Heroics.

Complete quest Heroic plus Patrols/Heroic

One of the best ways to earn exotic weapons is through the Heroic/ Heroic Patrols in Dauntless. These quests are not easy to solve so be fully prepared for the challenge.

Beat specific Behemoths for specific Blueprints

Specific Behemoths drop certain incredible Blueprints. These Behemoths also need to be in Heroic-difficulty levels so be prepared. 

Tips and Tricks to Unlock Exotic Gear

  • Farm Heroic Patrols For More Drop Chance if you are looking for an exotic blueprint. By doing this you’ll get more chances to earn Exotic Blueprint drop.
  • Target particular Exotic weapons and make sure which Behemoth has a chance to drop its Blueprints. Beat the Behemoth till they drop the Blueprint.

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List of Exotic Weapons in Dauntless

  • The Hunger 
  • Molten Edict
  • The Godhand

1. The Hunger Exotic Sword

The Hunger Exotic Sword-Dauntless

The Hunger is known for its powerful feature known as Feast. You can get the Hunger blueprint by defeating the Shrowd Behemoth which is a terrible Umbral Behemoth with a Threat level of 17. Do you know how to upgrade it?

Once you have The Hunger Blueprint, you’ll need 150 Rams, 3 Shrowd Feather, 4 Twisted Shadowspur,6 Elemental Furyplate, 3 Elemental Tailgem to craft the sword:

Here are the brief details of Exotic Weapon: The Hunger

Category The Hunger
Type Sword
Powerful Against Radiant (Plus Eighty)
Weak Against N/A
Earn Blueprint FromHeroic/Heroic plus Patrols & Pursuits 
Unique EffectOnce activated enter Feast, taking damage over time but gaining significant attack speed, life steal, and creating aetheric waves with each attack that deal area damage.
CellsPower, Utility

2. Molten Edict:

Dauntless Exotic Weapon-Molten Edict

You’ll need 150 Rams,3 Charrogg Scale, 4 Scorched Rockhide,6 Elemental Furyplate, and 3 Elemental Tailgem to create the hammer.

Here are details in brief of Exotic Weapon: Molten Edict

CategoryMolten Edict
Type Hammer
Powerful AgainstBlaze (Plus Eighty)
Weak AgainstN/A
Earn Blueprint fromHeroic/Heroic Plus patrol & Pursuits
Unique EffectReplaces all hammer blasts with unique fireball effects that deal blaze damage.
Cells Defence/Power

3. The Godhand:

Brief Details of Dauntless Exotic Weapons-The Godhand

You’ll need these materials  150 Rams,3 Rezakiri Chitin,1 Radiant Aethergem,1 Cracked Biocrystal,6 Neutral Furyplate,3 Neutral Skullgem to craft the Godhand.

Here are the brief details of the exotic weapon: The Godhand

CategoryThe Godhand
TypeWar Pike
Powerful Against Radiant (plus Eighty)
Max. Power/Resistance550
Earn Blueprint fromHeroic/Heroic plus Patrol & Pursuits
Unique Effect Channel a beam that deals increasing damage, up to two hundred percent, while it continues to hit a target.
CellsMobility, Technique

Best Exotic Weapon F.A.Q

What are exotic weapons in Dauntless?

Exotic weapons are end-game equipment and are difficult to find in the game. Its unique design and perks make it a special weapon in Dauntless.

Which is the best exotic weapon in Dauntless?

Molten Edict is a special Exotic Hammer that is one of the best exotic weapons in Dauntless. This unique weapon can deal a hundred damage on top of a 550 power rating, with 80 Blaze damage added on top. This powerful weapon replaces all hammer blasts with fireball effects. These effects deal bonus Blaze damage.

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Dauntless exotic weapons are very powerful as they have extra abilities that deal damage in addition this weapon has healing abilities also. For example, the sword also heals when it deals damage. So get the exotic weapons in Dauntless and have great fun!

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