Dauntless PC Requirement, Release Date & Much More

Dauntless is the best free-to-play RPG video game. Hunt massive monster with millions of players.

Dauntless is a F2P monster-hunting role-playing video game. It is developed and published by Phoenix Labs. Previously the game was available on PS4 & Xbox One on 26 December 2019. And later on, it was also available for Nintendo Switch on 10 December 2019. Let’s take one look into Dauntless all about the game.

Firstly, Dauntless is a single-player, co-op as well as a multiplayer video game. As a Slayer, you have to hunt down monstrous creatures known as Behemoths. These Behemoths prey on the surviving humans.

Make a team with millions of players, craft powerful weapons to fight against the Behemoths. Use combo attack to attack the monstrous creature and simultaneously keep an eye on your health & stamina. It will take nearly 20 hours to hunt down the creature and the timing also depend on your gaming skills.

In the game, there are mastery levels. The more you beat the beast, the higher will be your mastery rank. Unlock better upgrades as you progress in the mastery level.

Solve daily quests to get the rewards. Plus there is also a weekly challenge, you will get 7 days to complete the challenge. New emotes, dyes and other customization tidbits are the rewards that you‘ll get while completing the quest. Your weekly quest also rewards a Gold Core, providing you the best bits of dauntless. 

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Dauntless Platforms: Currently Dauntless is available on various platforms.

  • PlayStation 4,PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Ninetendo Switch
  • Android
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Windows

You can Download Dauntless PS4 directly from PS, Nintendo & Epicgames

Is Dauntless Cross-Platform?

Yes, Dauntless supports cross-platform play across PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch. You can play with players on other platforms.

Dauntless PC Requirement:

Here are the system requirement for PC lovers. Have a look at the Dauntless PC requirements.

Dauntless PC Requirements: Minimum

  • CPU: i5 SandyBridge
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 DX11 Support
  • VIDEO CARD: 660Ti (DX11)

Dauntless PC Requirements: Recommended

  • CPU: i7 Haswell
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: GTX 970 (DX11)

Dauntless Mobile Version

Want to download Dauntless on your mobile? Now you can download the game for Android & iOS for free. Just download the game app on your mobile and enjoy the Dauntless mobile version.

Play the game using 3 virtual buttons in the bottom corner of the screen. Use the flap button to fly over the obstacles, Fire button to shoot a fireball. Dash button to zip forward & squeeze through tight gaps or smash through cracked pillars.

Dauntless Game

What do you do in Dauntless?

Find the Target

As you land on the island your first priority is to search the Behemoths. The best way is to spread out instantly and quickly cover the ground. After finding the behemoth alert your teammates to regroup & start the fight. Down on the d-pad or tap the 4 key to throw a flare into the sky.

As there is no map in the dauntless this is the only way so that your teammates can see where exactly you are. Because constantly throw the flare in the sky so that your teammates can be sure they are proceeding in the right direction.

Track Down Crafting Materials

The player’s aim is to kill the behemoths, there are also plenty of resources to collect in the game. Grab everything you can see before you start carving chunks out of a monster. You can easily find the resources by looking for a gather icon that appears over specific world assets.

The icon will appear when you’re close enough, but later on, you will be used to recognize which items provide components. For example rocks with lines will provide iron ore.

Are you looking for each and every detail about the game? Are you finding the difference between the 5 weapons? What do the different color damage numbers mean or what strategy you should apply to win the game? We’ve put together some handy tips to help you in playing the game.

Dauntless Weapon List
Dauntless Weapon List

Dauntless: Weapon

Weapons are very unique and powerful. Currently, there are a total of 5 different types of weapons: swords, chain blades, hammers, axes & war pikes. 


It is an all-rounder weapon of Dauntless. Use it in close combat, to damage behemoth parts and to unleash an elemental blast.

Chain Blades:

Dauntless Weapon: Chain Blades
Dauntless Weapon: Chain Blades

Use this weapon for long-range attacks. Throw the blades at the target when you are at a long distance from your target. And when you are close enough will allow you to leap backward.

Additionally, the chain blades are also used to teleport a small distance. Use the dodge button, instead of rolling out. 


It is a great choice for slow and heavier attacks. Use the heavy attack button when you are close enough to the enemy. Basically, this weapon is made for short-range attacks. Before reloading, the cannon can only be fired a few times. To reload quickly Tap the button during a highlighted section of a moving bar.

Hammer also works as an escape tool. To escape, sprint and fire twice in quick succession to leap aboard it and zoom a few meters away from (or even towards) any danger.


Use this weapon for heavy attacks, but for this, you should be very particular about the timing. You can swing the axe horizontally and vertically. And charge it by holding the attack button before swinging. Build your special gauge and fill a buff while striking with a charged attack.

Before expiring the buff fill the meter again and increase your bonus up to 3 times. Maintain your meter to level 3 to deal with maximum damage potential.

War pike:

It’s very easy to use this weapon. There are just 2 combos. Heavy attacks build your special meter instantly while the light attacks quickly heal the damage.  

Dauntless: Damage Colours

During the battle damage number will be displayed over your target. The color display will depend on the type of attack and the weapon you are using. The damage number will be displayed in Green, Blue, Red, or Yellow color.

  • Green numbers represent raw/normal damage. 
  • Red numbers represent wound damage.
  • Blue numbers are for stagger damage. 
  • Yellow numbers identify part damage


In this article, we are covering the information you need to know about Dauntless. Stay connected for updated information about the games. Comment and tell us about your queries.  

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