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Dauntless Review 2022: Why Should You Play Dauntless?

Imagine a free-to-play game with you hunting down the monsters to their core, you will get something close to Dauntless. Capcom’s iconic franchise is easy to access and is fun with less baggage. If you are a fan of monsters then this dauntless game review is your go-to thing!

The premise of the game is simple: You are a slayer and your job is to slay down the big and dark monsters known as behemoths. In games like dauntless, storytelling is never the selling point.

Instead of being a source of heavy dialogue delivery. Every NPC in the dauntless game is either a vendor or a quest giver in the hub town. So when you are not customizing things on the menu you are out in the world. Chopping off monsters, dodging fireballs and it is very much focused.

This dauntless review 2022 is all about constant evolution. Every monster you kill gives you crafting items like hides, feathers, and scales that are used in the town to build weapons and armor.

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Is dauntless good? Fans have this question about the game. This game is good and has an advanced system that gives you commitment in the form of a reward. While you play, you will need to harvest fiery creatures to craft-out fiery weapons. That can help you take down the icey monsters.

Dauntless game Guide

To take down the ice monsters, you need to harvest the ice monsters to make armor very powerful in order to tackle the ice-based attacks of stronger monsters. The action RPG is brilliant. 

The enemy has expert strengths and weaknesses so that you can craft out the perfect equipment for any given situation so that you can repeat it for the next fight.

After reading till here some may ask Is dauntless good? Let me be clear that beyond crafting and good equipment there are advanced levels in this game as a part of the progression. The more you use a particular type of weapon the higher your mastery rank will increase in that particular field.

The higher your mastery level is the more brilliant gear you can equip and the improved upgrades chance you have to unlock and the list goes on. Each of the dauntless’s six weapon types feels different and powerful. With inventory empty for items known as cells that you can upgrade and can customize as per your preference.

The sword which you use in the action RPG mode is fantastic and balanced and makes a good entry-level weapon but the flash of the war pike makes it appealing to use for lengthy combos. In the dual-wielding melee option. The chain blades are superfast and come in handy whereas the repeaters offer a mid-level handgun style.

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In the action, RPG mode hammers prove to be extremely slow but give a huge amount of damage. And the ax hangs between the sword and the hammer as a great bladed sword that is finely tuned for slicing the monsters into halves.

From all the weapon types my favorite is the war pike because when you hold it in your hands it feels unique as compared to other monster hunting games. The war pike has got a great range for a melee weapon. And has the ability to attack either very quickly to build your special meter or slowly for slashing attacks to break monster body parts.

Dauntless gameplay

The combo and the combat style are some of the most tricky options in the weapon inventory but it feels great once you get your hands on them. In this dauntless game review, we have also covered the structure of the design of the monster.

The monster designs are a mixed breed between fantastical creatures and more like real-world animals like the Embermane. Which kind of looks like a rhino and a lion are combined together. Or take the Shrike which looks exactly like an Owlbear from Dungeons combined with Dragons.

Dauntless has its own striking style that grows over time when you play it continuously. The boar-like creature which is called Quillshot has a habit of lunging sideways which is it tricky to stab you with the spikes on his back.

Learning attack patterns is also important and learning the dodge patterns is also important. When you learn to dodge, you are invulnerable for a limited amount of time. So that you can roll towards your enemies and end them in a fight by rolling out.

The dauntless review age rating is rated as PEGI 12+ with constant scenes of calm to gentle violence.

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Dauntless Rating: (Overall Rating: 4/5*)

  • Positive Message: 2/5*
  • Role Model: 2/5*
  • Ease of Playing: 4/5*
  • Violence: 3/5*
  • Consumerism: 4/5*


I feel that this dauntless game review will be a perfect eye-opener for all the dauntless fans out there and also for the gamers out there. Dauntless is a perfect monster hunting action game with its seamless cross-platform multiplayer mechanics.

So, this is my dauntless review 2022 for today and I hope this blog will be a perfect gift for the readers. And I also hope that they will learn something from it! For more such reviews and updates stay connected with us.

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