Actionable Dauntless Tips And Tricks (Beginner Guide)

As a slayer hunt for Behemoth in Dauntless gameplay.Here is the handy guide for how to play Dauntless.

Dauntless is free to play an action-based RPG video game. Recently Phoenix Labs released a new monster hunting game onto the epic game’s Store and consoles. Kill the monster before it kills you in Dauntless gameplay. And use its body to build exotic weapons and armor. Here below we have given some easy dauntless tips and tricks for you to win the game.

Dauntless is available for free on the PlayStation Store 4, Play Station 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Android, Microsoft Store, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games store because it’s cross-play and that’s Great!

Do you want to know what type of game is Dauntless? Dauntless is a game about hunting monsters, upgrading weapons, collecting crafting materials & killing behemoths. In the middle of the game, you’ll find yourself completing various missions to speed up your progress.

If you are battling with a Behemoth whose magic aligns with frost, use weapons that deal fire damage & don armor which protects against cold. Because of such alignment, you should have a variety of equipment to combat against the Behemoth.

In the Dauntless gameplay part 1, you land on the island as a slayer and design your character as you want to look. There are various options like body type, hairstyle, and eye color too.

Use a control system to attack, dodge, and much more. Also train yourself how to attack, when to attack, and the intensity of attack too.

It is not as complex as Monster Hunter but there are a few things you would like to know before hunting the monster.

Can you play Dauntless single player?

Yes, you can play dauntless as a single player. You can also play dauntless as a multiplayer or with your friends too(co-up)too. Though the game is more enjoyable if played as a multiplayer or co-up

Dauntless Gameplay
Dauntless Gameplay

Does Dauntless have the main story?

Some games are very entertaining even if they don’t require a storyline. Dauntless is one of the titles that doesn’t have the main story. While you play as a slayer to kill the Behemoths.

This guide is covering every detail that you want to know about Dauntless Gameplay multiplayer.

Dauntless Size

Dauntless console players will have to download the game around 8GB on Xbox & PS4 One. After Downloading, Phoenix Labs will be able to deliver more content with smaller downloads, so that your Call of Duty: Warzone installation can continue to grow and prosper until it gains sentience.

  • PS4: Now uses 8.13 GB of storage (decrease from 16.4 GB)    
  • Xbox One: Now uses 7.6 GB of storage (decrease from 8.7 GB)    
  • Nintendo Switch: 7.2 GB of Storage Space.

How do you start a game in Dauntless? To start a game in Dauntless, players need to visit the Hunt Board in Ramsgate. By doing so, players get a list of Behemoths that they can try to hunt. then you‘ll be paired with three others. The main concern of the Dauntless beginner guide is getting you into hunts as quickly as possible.

As a player, you’ll play as a Slayer in Dauntless gameplay multiplayer. Create your character creator with a relatively limited number of preset faces, skin colors, and hairstyles.

After creating your slayer, select the weapon like axes, chain blades, swords, war pikes & firearms. All weapon have their unique style and each weapon has its own advantage. So, it’ll be worth knowing how to use every weapon so that you can switch between them when taking on different Behemoths.

Hammers are a great choice for slow and heavy attacks. Whereas Sword is an all-rounder weapon of Dauntless. While playing the game whenever you are confused about weapon type, open the menu & check out the move list-you’ll get everything you want to know.

Ramsgate is a Dauntless hub world, where you’ll spend most of the time. Find new equipment or upgrade your current gear. It’s important to be prepared before hunting the monsters. Behemoths have specific elemental strengths & weaknesses, so equip the right gear to give a tough fight.

Items to be Collected in Dauntless Gameplay

You can collect a maximum of 4 types of items on your hunt. You can customize three slots and 4th one is reserved for the healing flask.

You’ll find crafting materials scattered throughout the environment and can interact with them to add them to your virtual inventory. Once you have enough items, return to Ramsgate to start crafting.

Equip some of the best potions like Assault Tonic, Blitz Tonic & Frenzy Tonic. Assault Tonic increases stagger damage, Blitz Tonic increases attacked speed while Frenzy Tonic increased damage.

For the toughest behemoths, especially the escalation bosses, it’s beneficial to have Bulwark Tonics in hand to avoid dying to a single attack.  

As a slayer, you can also buy the items in Dauntless PC, but try to save coins for the Slayers Path!

Dauntless Beginner guide

Are you ready for battle?

Hunting is extremely entertaining in Dauntless gameplay. Behemoth battles are fast-paced & action-packed affairs. Behemoths are very large creatures, so you should know how to dodge & interrupt?

Dodge & Interrupt

Learn basic attack patterns of each Behemoth and respond accordingly in Dauntless. Players aim is to kill the Behemoth, but you should be alive to kill every Behemoth. So first save yourself and hit later. Whenever you feel like you’re going to get hit, rethink your strategy and dodge. 

The danger meter in the upper right corner of the screen ticks up every time a player goes down & needs a revive. If you hit 100 percent danger, players cant revive allies, you can be back in the game if you have 3 self-revives. The hunt is over if all the players die with 100% danger.

To lower the danger level either kill the Behemoth or complete the hunt or deal enough damage that the behemoth runs away. Some moves can be interrupted by the attack at the right time by any weapon except chain blades.

Level up by completing Mastery Challenges, find in the main menu. It includes killing a certain number of behemoths, breaking specific parts of behemoths, and forging armor sets.

in this dauntless tips and tricks, you can learn to Unlock new mastery challenges as you progress through the Dauntless gameplay. Clearing your Mastery Challenge goals becomes a game in and of itself, and is quite addictive.

Dauntless Tips and Tricks-Equip Cells On Your Weapons and Armour
Equip Cells On Your Weapons and Armour

Equip Cells On Your Weapons and Armour

Dauntless Cells are the items when inserted into the weapons /armor, allowing you to customize your needs & playstyle. There are a total of 5 different categories-Power, Defence, Mobility, Utility, or Technique.

The weapon, Armour, and Lantern have 3 levels of buffs – +1,+2,+3 – with increasing bonuses as the cells get to higher levels.

Iceborne cell is a crucial one that grants you life steal and makes you very strong allowing you to play aggressively against Behemoths.

Dauntless Power Cells

Power cells help in dealing with lots and lots of damage. You can see its effects very easily. Overpower, Ragehunter & Rage are the Dauntless Power cells.

Dauntless Technique Cells

These cells change your damage profile to buff your raw damage, it’s worth investing some time to get the best Technique Cells Dauntless. Predator, Wild, Frenzy, Molten, Savagery, Acidic, and Cunning are the best techniques cells in the Dauntless.

Dauntless Damage Colors
Dauntless Damage Colors

Dauntless Damage Colors

Every time you attack on Behemoth a number will appear over your target. These numbers and colors represent the intensity of the damage. Damage color also depends on the type of attack & the weapon you are using. The number will appear in Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow colors.

The red color represents wound damage caused by the war pike weapon. Hit particular areas again and again to wound a part of Behemoth.

The blue color represents stagger damage whereas the yellow color identifies the part damaged. And the green color represents raw or normal damage. The color display will depend on the type of attack and the weapon you are using.

As a hardcore player for sure you would like to know Is Dauntless similar to Fortnite? While playing the Dauntless I personally experience Dauntless is much similar to Fortnite. In both the games ho have to hunt for monsters. In Dauntless you can finish monsters in 5-10 minutes while in Fortnite it takes 20-40 minutes.


In this article, we are covering details about Dauntless tips and tricks. On the basis of my personal gaming experience, I would like to give 4 stars out of 5. Dauntless gameplay is fantastic with amazing graphics. It’s not important to hit every time, sometimes it’s better to save yourself from the attack. Comment below and stay tuned for more updates!


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