Dauntless Guide – How to Wound And Stagger Behemoths

To complete the Combat Alchemy quest, the players have to stagger at least 5 behemoths. To find how to wound dauntless behemoths, read ahead.

In the Dauntless world, players go on hunts against unique monstrous creatures called behemoths. These Dauntless behemoths have their own special attacks and can create elemental damage. These massive brutes can kill really easily.

The two most important status effects in Dauntless are – Wounding and Staggering.

In order to wound or stagger a behemoth, you need to do enough damage. Both effects have their own significant type of damage.

They increase the wound damage and are still the target for some time. These, however, affect both behemoths and the player. The Combat Alchemy Quest, given by Bosun Markus Boehr, can be completed only with wounds and stagger.

Players have to stagger and wound behemoths 5 times each to gain 100 gold, 1 bronze utility core, and schematics for insight and Assault tonics. 

Dauntless: How to wound behemoths?

Dauntless: How to wound behemoths?

The best answer to “how to wound” behemoths is by using piercing weapons like War Pike. During an encounter, slayers are advised to target a specific part of the behemoth and damage that part repeatedly. Every part of the Dauntless behemoths has a health meter.

Wound damage appears in red numbers. The wounded status effect is applied when enough damage is done, which adds up to the total damage done to the brute. The damaged behemoth body parts glow blue which may trigger some other perks like Savagery (causing a 200% damage increase).

How to wound behemoths with war pike? As mentioned earlier, the best way to wound a behemoth is by using a war pike. A war pike is a piercing/slashing knife-like weapon which is the most efficient answer to ‘Dauntless: How to wound behemoths?’

Some body parts of the Dauntless behemoths may break while causing wound damage in dauntless. Some players have been complaining about not getting points for dauntless no break parts. We have covered the Dauntless game reviews blog for more detail.

Dauntless: How to stagger a behemoth?

Dauntless: How to stagger a behemoth?

Staggers do not impact the overall health of the behemoth. The best answer for “how to stagger” would be mainly by using hammers. A slashing sword can cause a stagger if used correctly.

Staggering is mostly targeted on the legs and head of the Dauntless Behemoth. A stagger is successful only when the damage is indicated in blue numbers. With enough stagger damage, the monster stuns and falls to the ground. Knockout King or Weighted strikes can be used to cause further damage. 

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What happens after wounding and staggering?

Once you successfully wound a behemoth 5 times, you complete the Combat Alchemy quest. You get crafting recipes to create Assault and Insight tonics. The assault tonic increases the stagger damage.

While the insight tonic helps you increase the wound damage. Both of these tonics work for a short span of time only. They do, however, prove helpful as you progress in the game and face more monstrous brutes. 


While playing Dauntless, it is important to know how to wound dauntless behemoths, how to stagger, and how to wound behemoths with war pike. Wounding Staggering is essential for playing Dauntless so we hope this article was helpful.

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