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How To Power Up The Rocket Launcher In Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn?

Gjallarhorn Destiny 2 catalyst detailed guide.

In today’s Destiny 2 catalyst guide, we are about to have an in-depth tutorial on how to obtain the exotic rocket launcher Destiny 2 has to offer. Gjallarhorn Destiny 2 is a very popular weapon in the game as you already know it by now.

Among Destiny’s best rocket launchers, Gjallarhorn is a very powerful weapon. So let’s check out how to increase the power and use it to its full potential of this very exotic rocket launcher Destiny 2 has. Here we present an in-depth Destiny 2 catalyst guide.

Destiny 2 catalyst has been a trending topic in recent times. We thought of making a blog on it for dedicated players specifically to try it and experience the best exotic weapon in the game. You are exactly in the right place for it because here we have explained everything in detail. We will be covering each and every aspect of how to get the exotic catalyst and what it does. Moreover, we will also discuss the powers of this exotic weapon.

Okay, so before we begin the tutorial, most people reading this probably are familiar with Gjallarhorn and what it does. Even if you are not fully aware of its perks and advantages, today you will be because we bring to you this exclusive Destiny 2 catalyst gamer guide. So don’t worry and let’s head on to the tutorial.

By the end of this guide, if you follow the steps properly and approximately you will surely have the exotic Destiny 2 weapon Gjallarhorn rocket launcher for yourself. Check out the steps for it. We have covered everything in detail here.

To unlock Destiny 2 catalyst, you’ll need to head back to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. After three steps you can use this exotic rocket launcher destiny 2 provides to its full potential. With Gjallarhorn Destiny 2 added some good features and functions.

The opening of Destiny 2 catalyst is with Dominus Ghaul, a brilliant antagonist whose cruelty seems to have no boundaries. The journey that follows is thrilling and has extremely brutal cut scenes that give an opportunity to show emotional behavior.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

A soaring soundtrack backs the pulse with challenging missions before you shift gears to trigger your senses. The sound design is exquisite with splashes of glimmer every time you open a chest box. Every adjustment is important in the game as giving you the audio you need is very much overwhelming with everything going at once.

The exotic weapon is back in Destiny 2 with its 30th-anniversary edition and fans are excited and are looking forward to experiencing the power and joy of this weapon yet again. This weapon is a powerful one which makes it one of the best weapons in the game. It is counted as one of the most exotic and high damages dealing weapons in the Destiny 2 game ranked by gamers and critics all over the world.

The first Destiny is a sturdy first-man or woman shooter constructed from the usage of understanding from Bungie’s days growing the Halo series, however, diffused touches have made a large distinction in Destiny 2 on the subject of making second-to-second fights greater explosive and exciting.

For example, popping an enemy’s protect with the proper harm kind reasons it to hit its close by allies with area-of-impact harm, and scoring a headshot on a Fallen treats you to a mild display as its soul escapes its body; each is welcome bursts of validation, and Destiny 2 dishes out those sorts of visible and gameplay rewards left and proper.

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Destiny 2 has recently gained a lot of popularity among avid online multiplayer gamers as well as normal gamers in the gaming community and with the coming of Gjallarhorn yet again people are excited to experience it again. Now in Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 Catalyst system increases the powers of this exotic rocket launcher in the game. Here we will be covering the Destiny 2 catalyst guide regarding what and how about this very specific thing.

While there aren’t a ton of various weapon kinds the consistent equipment drops and game-converting Exotic guns and enhancements propel your strength stage higher, developing that feeling of developing power and readiness to tackle all challenges.

The equipment chase has a few rocky parts, though, due to the fact Destiny 2 doesn’t take some time to give an explanation for how its improvement and infusion structures work. Mods may be a piece difficult at the start due to the fact you need to soak up quite a few difficult-to-understand rules.

The Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon
The Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon

For instance, if the mods are Legendary they’ll upload five assault strengths in your equipment; however, in the event that they don’t have a mod connected you could nonetheless infuse a Rare weapon right into a Legendary weapon and spot a Light stage increase. Sounds difficult? That’s as it is! But when you get familiar with mathematics it’s a bit more comprehensible.

This blog will cover the entire Destiny 2 catalyst guide for newbies as well as experienced players and it will be explained in detail and elaborately.

To find the Destiny 2 catalyst in the game, players will need to search around and find three Reaver Vandals in the dungeon known as The Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon. To successfully collect the Destiny 2 catalyst players will need to damage the chests and find and collect their engrams chests.

Recommended Power Level for The Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon:


Power Level: 1,310

Modifier: None


Power Level: 1,360


Champion: Overload

Champion: Barrier

Match Game: Enemy shields are highly upgraded and can take elemental damage

Moving ahead to the Destiny 2 catalyst hunt. You will easily find the first vandal in the cave which can be found after you begin the dungeon and defeat the enemy. Likewise, to finish the Destiny 2 catalyst hunt, there are two more further steps that the player needs to successfully complete to get the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher permanently in the game.  

We will talk more about these Below. begin the dungeon and defeat the enemy. Likewise, to finish the Destiny 2 catalyst hunt, there are two more further steps that the player needs to successfully complete to get the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher permanently in the game.  We will talk more about these below.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube regarding this Destiny 2 catalyst which has gained a lot of popularity and gotten tons of views because of the popularity of the Gjallarhorn. Everyone seems to want to know how to not just get the weapon but also the Destiny 2 catalyst guide to getting exotic powers. So imagine the popularity of this weapon and the hype it has created among gamers and streamers worldwide.

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Gjallarhorn’s best perk is the Pack Hunter which gives players the ability to increase better handling performance and also to increase the reloading speed when enemies are nearby.

Ok so once you have unlocked the Gjallarhorn and you have it with you, you are good to go to the Destiny 2 catalyst hunt for Gjallarhorn.

Once you head to the dungeon, you will need to complete three chests to get to the Destiny 2 catalyst. So let’s check out the steps to obtain Gjallarhorn Destiny provides.

Chest 1- The loot cave

The loot cave
The loot cave

This is the easiest. When you arrive at the loot cave, enter the cave by jumping down the hole that opens when you defeat the first crystal. Then you will see an enormous cavern with unlimited enemies.

You will notice that you are at the left side of the room with girders above your head, straight up will be a hive of enemies, across the river from them and you will be Reaver Vandal and a balance of orange bars dreg bodyguards.

First checkout at the point from where you entered the room, where rusted steel beamers are located. You can cross under this beamer to upgrade and just above you will be one more platform with a chest on it.

Your mission is to attack Reaver Vandal, procure an engram, jump across the gap and open the chest. This is a simple process to complete and to make it even simpler, you can bring your team to Vandal once you have defeated the other enemies and then can attack it with your sword for quicker damage.

Pick your engram, jump onto the chest to get your hands on the first of the three catalysts and you will get a message saying “You have recovered looted fragments” when you have completed the mission.

Chest 2- The Stairs Deathtrap

The Stairs Deathtrap
The Stairs Deathtrap

Now move ahead and you will find a cylindrical-shaped room. Here you will learn about Scorch Cannon Mechanic which is used in the whole game in the rest of the dungeon. Get inside and unlock all four doors. 

After you have opened all four doors you can leave the room up a flight of stairs. Then, suddenly you will remember getting crushed by an enormous steamroller-like barrel and this is the first time you are going through this area.

Escape the barrels then move up the stairs until you reach the top where you will be entering a huge room that seems like a ruined and nasty garage.

Now you will find the Reaver Vandal here again. Attack him again, grab the engram, move your way and go inside the vent above. Now to your right, you will see the back wall of the area, where there will be a depression just jump onto it. Now, your second chest is in front of you also you will find second looted fragments.

Chest 3- The Sunken Liar

The Sunken Liar
The Sunken Liar

This is the hardest chest to unlock so make sure to go through all the steps exactly as mentioned over here. Find your way to the lagoon and complete the cannon encounter task. Over here, the player should make sure not to launch themselves into the boss room. 

Once you finish the cannon encounter task, you will see the cannons no longer moving and they will be put in place.

Now move in the middle where the chest will be there in the top of the fortress in the center of the island. Go to the middle and walk up to the cannon. Move towards the right and position yourself towards the platform which will be up with multiple waterfalls. Now defeat the ultimate boss. Before finding a chest here you will have to destroy the Fallen Shield and compete for the encounter first. Now search for the Reaver Vandal and attack him.

Now you will have a thirty seconds timer to open the chest. It is better to have other players here to help you out collecting the engram. Now go to the chest on top of the building on the central island

The Reaver Vandal will be there in the outpost in the back corner of the cave. To reach there you can use the launcher you found on the central islands. Now shoot the launcher and use it to get back to the central island. Here you’ll find the third chest. Open it and you will assemble the Destiny 2 catalyst. 

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Now you will be needing to fire a bunch of kills with the Gjallarhorn Destiny has in order to unlock the benefits of the catalyst. You can expect to earn 400 rocket launcher kills. Then you will get benefits including Orbs of Power generation, the mega missile generated by scoring kills, and the faster reload will make Gjallarhorn one of the best beasts in the weapon segment. Now you have one of Destiny’s best rocket launchers for yourself.


Players love Gjallarhorn Destiny 2. Gjallarhorn Destiny is also one of the reasons for its recent success and popularity. It is one of Destiny’s best rocket launchers as of now.

Now you can freely play destiny 2 with having the best weapon in your hands you can wreak havoc into enemies’ dens and complete difficult challenges with ease.

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