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Destiny 2 Prophecy Loot Table (Updated Weapons And Armor)

Probe into Destiny 2's latest dungeon with great weapons and armor sets.

Destiny 2’s dungeons proffer the mechanical intricacy of a raid in a manageable three-player environment. Unlike raids, expert players can try solo missions that demand proficiency with no PvE activity stipulation except solo Grandmaster Nightfalls. Here you can see the Destiny 2 Prophecy Loot Table.

Prophecy dungeon is one of the first to be accessible for all players among the three dungeons – The Shattered Throne, The Pit of Heresy, and Grasp of Avarice. Though many contemplate it as the tough dungeon of the trio, Prophecy trenches players against abundant of Taken opponents in claustrophobic sectors that tender minimal cover. The Taken are replicated units incorporated by the beings called the “Nine”. This dungeon is free, has plenty of challenges, and is quite engaging for game enthusiasts. 

The Prophecy dungeon is the dwelling of some eye-catching weapons and captivating armor pieces that “Destiny 2” players can put in their collections.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Loot Table

The loot pool for Prophecy was quite different before the Season of the Lost in August 2021. Following that, the Dungeon got upgraded. The following table encloses all the Prophecy loot every encounter comprising weapons and armor:

First Encounter- Phalanx EchoSecond Encounter- The CubeFinal BossKell EchoFinal chestThe Emissary
Judgment(Hand Cannon)A Swift Verdict(Sidearm)Moonfang- X7 Helm Darkest Before(Pulse Rifle)
The Long Walk(Sniper Rifle)The Last Breath(Auto Rifle)Moonfang- X7 GauntletsA Sudden Death(Shotgun)
Crushing Greaves(Legs)Crushing Guard(Arms)Moonfang- X7ChassisCrushing Helm
Mark JudgmentMoonfang- X7GreavesCrushing Plate
Moonfang- X7MarkMark Judgment

Destiny 2 Prophecy hidden chests

Destiny 2 Prophecy hidden chests

There are two types of hidden chests in Prophecy – Wastelands and Rainbow Roads. Every chest has the opportunity to reward with any armor piece or weapon that is obtained from previous successful encounters. Wasteland’s chest is just after the primary encounter where you obtain the loot and follow the tiny opening to reach the secret chest. 

You can arrive at Rainbow Roads chest through a diamond-shaped entrance on the rainbow road and go right which leads to the underground. Follow the route and you will reach the second secret chest.

How to farm Prophecy dungeon?

Farming this dungeon for unrestrained loot is simpler than you believe. All you require is a dedicated Fireteam and a few hours to spare.

1. Enter the dungeon in your first character until you arrive at the encounter you are willing to farm.

2. Begin the encounter and wipe it.

3. Request your Fireteam to hang around. Differ characters and log into a character that has not been in the dungeon that week.

4. Join again your Fireteam with the second character.

5. Then wipe. Your second character has the appropriate checkpoint.

To persist in farming, you must undergo the following:

1. Commence the dungeon through your second character – the one which holds the checkpoint.

2. Modify characters and respond to your Fireteam in your first character.

3. Finish the encounter for loot.

4. Leave the dungeon, change characters again, and recur Step 1.

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Destiny 2 Prophecy Armor

Destiny 2 Prophecy Armor

The Prophecy dungeon has two armor set to chase unlike other dungeon or raid released in Destiny 2. Initially, only the Trials of the Nine armor sets were decided to be part of the Prophecy dungeon’s loot from Destiny 2 Year 1. But, Bungie decided to add the armor set – Moonfang- X7 as loot for the dungeon that was set for the Eververse store. 

Destiny 2 Prophecy Trials of the Weapons:

If you are a Destiny 2 player from the start, some of the weapons might be recognizable to you. When Bungie renewed the Prophecy Dragon loot pool, it added a catalog of weapons that you could formerly earn in Trials of the Nine.

With six weapons to select from, the best way for Guardians to acquire their hands on one is by finishing an encounter of the Prophecy dungeon on the Tower.

The Last Breath

The Last Breath is a well-known 600 RPM kinetic auto rife garnered inside the Prophecy dungeon. It is one of the rare models in the kinetic slot and has maximum handling for 600 RPM main weapons inside PvE.

The accurate perks for this weapon would be Corkscrew rifling for the ricochet rounds for bullet magazine, the barrel, and survival for auto-reload on kill, and Frenzy for amplified damage, reload, and handling inside battle.

Darkest Before

Darkest Before is a renowned 540 RPM pulse rifle that is present in the energy slot of the inventory. This weapon can be obtained through the opening of the chest after the final boss.

Being a quick-fire frame, this pulse rifle is beneficial in the PvP and PvE in Destiny 2. The perks of this weapon are Ricochet rounds and high-caliber rounds for rebuttals on opponents and extra range.

Other benefits are Rampage for damage increase after beating an opponent in PvP and Overflow for any endgame PvE activity.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Trials of the Weapons


Judgment is a 140 RPM hand field gun that is prevalent in the kinetic slot of the inventory. It is an average firearm in comparison to other weapons with similar epitomes in Destiny 2. The exceptional features for this weapon are Accurized Rounds to add supplementary ten range to the 50 base stats with Adagio and Encore perks.

A Swift Verdict

A Swift Verdict is nothing but a 260 RPM sidearm with a vertical pattern with its recoil to be a precision-framed firearm. There are not several sidearms in Destiny 2 with the supreme aim-assists at 85 and recoils at 95.

The bonus of this weapon is Comprehensive Mag with an increase of 30 in magazine size to decrease the steadiness from the extensive Mag perk encompassed for bonus damage with three or more foes. 

A Sudden Death

Sudden death is a violent framed energy arc shotgun that is obtained by opening the chest after the ultimate boss encounter inside the Prophecy dungeon. As this is the frequently used archetype inside PvP, this shotgun is the destructive framed arc element archetype inside Destiny 2.

The best benefit of this weapon inside PvP is: Assault Mag for an enhanced rate of fire, Snapshot Sights for amplified speed in aiming down sights, and Slideshot for auto-reload on sliding. 

The Long Walk

The Long Walk is a hostile framed stimulating solar sniper rifle with recoil and serious damage. This weapon is the only aggressive frame with the solar element in the inventory’s energy slot.

The perks of this weapon are Snapshot sights for a rise in aiming speed, ricochet rounds for range increase, killing wind, or Overflow based on handling damage to bosses or influential opponents.

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The Prophecy is one of the best dungeons in the Destiny 2 game among the three dungeons. The previous trials of the Nine weapons are updated and added to the Season of the Lost. The six weapons can aid you in combat the battle with sheer enthusiasm fighting against your opponents.

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