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Who To Trust In The Witch Queen Expansion Destiny 2?

The Witch Queen expansion of destiny 2 brings with itself, a game full of surprises. In this expansion, the players are competing with Savathûn, the hive goddess of cunning in her dangerous ‘throne world’. After all, Savathûn is called the sister of trickery for a reason.

The Witch Queen expansion destiny 2 easily lets you in the trick queen’s own mind palace. What could possibly go wrong? 

Who is Savathûn and where does she come from?

To learn more about The Witch Queen expansion of destiny 2, you need to know more about Savathûn. According to Hive Biography, Savathûn is the daughter of the royal Osmium King of Krill. King Osmium and his three children (Oryx, Xivu Arath, and Savathûn) encountered the Worms. For their survival, they agreed to consume a worm.

Krill was made the Hive in return for immortality and wonderful powers. The worms, however, had to be fed constantly or they’d consume their host.

The moths can be fed by: 1. Killing others 2. Being true to their nature. Hence, Oryx cannot stop exploring, Xivu Arath shall use her strength and Savathûn will never stop being cunning. Trickery is Savathûn’s nature and her curse.

After gaining power from brutal killing, Hive realized Worm’s hunger is endless, giving rise to the story of  The Witch Queen expansion (destiny 2).

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Savathûn and the Light

Destiny 2 Savathûn and the Light

To escape the never-ending cycle forced by the worms, Savathûn plans to steal the light in The Witch Queen expansion of destiny 2 which she had been planning since season 12. After making, executing, and failing in several plans to trick her worms, her best shot at keeping her immortality safe and getting rid of her worms is by stealing Light. Savathûn even got her worm removed by Mara Sov.

She created dissent among Vanguard, convinced Cabal to kill Zavala, befriended Crow to use him for gaining ghosts from the Spider, reclaimed the Crown of Sorrow, and spread a viral song throughout the City for unknown purposes. No valid explanation for these actions can be given but we can presume it’s part of Savathûn’s bigger picture. Once she possesses the Light, she can access the same powers as guardians and can easily develop her ‘throne world’.

What is throne world?

In the Witch Queen expansion of destiny 2, Savathûn’s throne world featuring an alabaster castle, a  murky jungle consisting of downed pyramid ship can be seen. A throne world reflects the owner’s psyche. Hence, her throne embraces the Light by rejecting the darkness of her past.

But Savathûn indirectly tells the players to “trust nothing”. In the Witch queen campaign, Guardians enter Savathûn’s throne world to take over it. It’s not as easy as it looks though.

Why would a thoughtful woman like Savathûn let anyone enter her throne world without it being a dangerous trap? Play the Witch Queen expansion of destiny 2 to find out for yourself.

The release of The Witch Queen expansion brings a lot of questions along with its exciting gameplay. Some of which are as follows:

What do you get with The Witch Queen deluxe edition?

The deluxe edition of destiny 2 includes seasons 16 to 19, two Year-5 dungeons, an exotic sparrow, an SMG, a catalyst, and an ornament.

Does The Witch Queen come with previous expansions?

Witch queen deluxe doesn’t include previous expansions. You can buy the other expansions separately or through “Legendary Edition”. 

Does buying witch queen give you Beyond Light?

The clear-cut answer is NO. The Witch Queen doesn’t include shadow keep, forsaken, or beyond light expansions. You can get them only in the deluxe edition.

Will the witch queen include stasis? The Witch Queen has an exotic collection of new armor. Players will be given one stasis and one non-stasis in each class.

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The Witch Queen expansion (destiny 2) may seem simple but as the cunning queen said, nothing shall be trusted.

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