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Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Rewards Rotation and Maps (March 4–March 8, 2022)

Destiny 2's top PVP activity has returned to the Crucible. Here's everything about trials of osiris map rotation and rewards this weekend.

With the onset of the Destiny 2’s – The Witch Queen expansion, the players are excited about the Trials of Osiris. The Trials of Osiris is a great event that was primarily introduced by the House of Wolves expansion and is PvP content. Players can lose one or two matches but more lost matches will make them evicted and the mode proffers exciting destiny 2 trials of Osiris rewards rotation.

So, when does trials of Osiris come back? Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris will make its way back on March 4, 2022- Friday at 12 pm till March 8, 2022- Tuesday. Is trials of osiris every weekend? Remember that Trials of Osiris is a weekend-based activity and you will not be able to play once the weekly reset is done every Tuesday. It is available on platforms like Xbox one, PC, and PS4.

Even though the playlist has conventionally faced issues such as account recovery services, cheaters, and technical issues in Destiny 2, Bungie has released some new tweaks to enhance things.

Let’s get to know what you can anticipate from d2 trials of osiris in the Season of the Lost:

  • Trials will be accessible to players that own the recent yearly expansion – The Witch Queen.
  • PC players will now perceive BattlEye anti-cheat which is implemented.
  • You can persist playing after you have ensued three losses and still produce gear (even though trials of osiris rewards today is pertinent to Flawless runs)
  • Possibly the major transformation is that Trials of Osiris will now proffer matchmaking.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Passages 

Along with the playlist overhaul in Season of the Lost, destiny 2 trials of osiris rewards rotation got some changes in its passages or cards. These hunt items endow you access to the Trials playlist every weekend and below-mentioned are the significant changes to be considered as per the new system:

  • Passages cannot track losses
  • Every Passage whether flawless or not enables you to continue playing and earning rewards regardless of how many losses you undergo
  • Players can reset their Passage after a major loss but are not impelled to do so after getting three losses on their card.
  • Passages track up to 20 rounds succeeded
  • All Passages have considerably reduced their prices
  • Passages are account-wide denotes you can play and avail trials of osiris rewards today on any of the characters through a similar passage.

These changes when prepared for the playlist, can be quite perplexing. Let’s explore each passage, what does it do, and which one is correct for you:

Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Passage-Passage of Ferocity
  • Passage of Mercy: This Passage excuses one loss every run. If your motive is to make it through the Lighthouse, then this is the perfect passage for you. You will obtain one free loss without being required to reset your card and begin from start.
  • Passage of Ferocity: This Passage gives you a bonus win after making it with three wins on your card. This will let you skip a complete match on your route to the Lighthouse but you won’t get the loss forgiveness that is with Mercy.
  • Passage of Wealth: This Passage grants augmented Trials Rank points from getting 3, 5, and 7 match wins. If you are more concentrated on getting destiny 2 trials of osiris rewards rotation and are not worried about going flawless, this is the right card for you. Through the novel Trials reputation arrangement, the Passage of Wealth will increase your rank with Saint-14 more rapidly than any other card
  • Passage of Confidence: This passage provides a bonus reward from the Flawless chest, but you can only gain this card after going Flawless that week. If you’re certain about your skills and have a hard fireteam to play with, the Passage of Confidence can aid you to notch up more rewards at the Lighthouse but is questionably the most tricky Passage to play.

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Choosing the correct passage for you and your teammates if you tend to enter Trials with a pre-made fireteam will make a long way of ensuring that you go out of your time in the playlist every weekend. 

Destiny 2 Trials Maps

As the Season of the Risen is revolved around a Gambit rework, Season 17 will bring novel changes to Trials of Osiris. Freelance weekends and capture zone will be coming back and Adept rewards will witness changes. Graphic designer Relikt fan-generated a series of outstanding callout maps. 

Lost Ark Trials of Osiris Callout Maps
Image: Twitter@r3likt

Trials of Osiris Callout Maps

  • Alter of Flame Callouts Map
  • Bannerfall Callouts Map 
  • Javelin-4 Callouts Map
  • Distant Show Callouts Map 
  • Burnout Callouts Map 
  • Midtown Callouts Map 
  • The Dead Cliffs Callouts Map 
  • Wormhaven Callouts Map 

The trials of osiris map rotation have featured an Endless Vale map this week. Positioning of the map is necessary to enhance your win ratio or for a great opportunity to go flawless.

Trials of Osiris Rewards Today (March 4th, 2022)

Due to the iron banner, there will be no trials of Osiris, but you can do the extensive practice of your PvP skills. Like the 3, 5, 7, and Flawless win thresholds formerly requisite for rewards, players will not earn particular weapon drops. You can earn Trials Engrams for ranking up your status with Saint-14 in the Tower’s Hangar. You will earn a revolving Adept weapon for a Flawless run.

  • Reputation Rank 10 with no resets – Eye of Sol (Kinetic sniper rifle). After you have reset your reputation, you can earn The Kinetic pulse rifle immensely.
  • Reputation Rank 10 with one reset: Shayura’s Wrath (submachine gun). After you have reset your reputation, you can earn The submachine gun accurately.
  • Reputation Rank 16 with no resets– Igneous Hammer (Solar hand cannon). After you have reset your reputation, you can earn The Solar sword rifle exclusively.
  • Reputation Rank 16 with one reset- Reed’s Regret (linear fusion rifle). Once you – reset your reputation, you can avail the Solar sword rifle efficiently.
  • Flawless run – It changes every week. 

After the destiny 2 trials of osiris rewards rotation are unlocked, you can re-roll for the price of a Trials engram which denotes farming rolls is not easy. Remember you can obtain better gear with higher stat rolls with Flawless. Rank 16 and Rank 10 Trials Reputation will also assure weapon drops 

Destiny 2 Trial of Osiris Loot Rotation:

iris Loot Destiny 2 Trial of Osiris Loot Rotation

D2 trials of osiris loot rotation are the most significant part of each game and lurk the player towards itself.

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Let’s go through the destiny 2 trials loot rotation:

CW Map3 Wins5 Wins7 WinsFlawless
22Altar of FlameShotgunHelmetArmsChest
21Dead CliffsSniperRocket LauncherAutoArms
20MidtownLegsScoutClass ItemLegs
18AnomalyFusionShotgunHelmetClass Item
16Exodus BlueAuto RifleChestLegsArms
15Rusted LandsScoutRocket LauncherShotgunLegs
13Widow’s CourtRocket LauncherArmsSniperClass Item


The Trials of Osiris is a weekly PvP challenge where you go into a competitive gauntlet of 3v3 exclusion matches. You might have got a query when does trials of osiris come back? It is from March 4, 2022, till March 8, 2022, being a weekly-based event.

Bungie’s peak PvP activity is back in motion with a main overhaul on destiny 2 trials of osiris rewards rotation. Your rewards are now handed over with a reputation system and so it’s not about pure wins any longer. However, you will avail yourself extraordinary rewards if you go flawless. For destiny 2 trials maps, the Endless Vale map is featured for this week. What are you waiting for? Get ready for this exciting and adventurous journey of Trials of Osiris!

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