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Destiny 2: Ultimate Guide Witch Queen Preparation

Check out this ultimate guide witch queen prep to give yourself a quick head start in the new seasonal expansion of destiny 2. Check here for more

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen, released on February 22, takes the player directly to fight against the clever Savathûn in her own throne world. Bungie has introduced several new features as well as taken down a few old ones. To prepare you for the amazing gameplay, here’s a step-by-step ultimate guide to witch queen prep.

Choosing the best seasonal weapons

A Lot of old seasonal guns have been removed from the game to be put into Destiny Content Vault. According to this ultimate guide witch queen prep, you should invest your Umbral Engrams in claiming the best weapon of the season. You can find weapons from the Prismatic Recaster and Lost submenu.

Some very useful weapons on the witch queen prep checklist are given below: Deafening whisper, Threaded needle, Ignition code, Chroma rush, etc.

Dead man’s tail

According to the ultimate guide witch queen prep, the dead man’s tail is the best weapon for PvE content. It has a 40% buff against red bar enemies. You can earn one DMT once a week by finishing the Presage mission.

Hawkmoon roll, vorpal roll, catalyst are also an advantage in Witch queen weaponry. 

Clear your vault by turning in weapon parts

Destiny 2 Clear your vault by turning in weapon parts

If you like collecting weapon parts, you might wanna turn them in. In the new season, Banshee will not be accepting any of them due to a vendor overhaul. According to this ultimate guide witch queen prep, you should turn your parts in or sell them.

It will give you enhancement cores in return which can be used in crafting new weapons. Since Tangled Shore is perishing, you need to sort/sell your stack of Etheric Spirals. 

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Stockpile bounties

According to the witch queen prep checklist, you should grab some bounties for a head start. Don’t turn them in, just hold on to them until you get hands-on with the seasonal artefacts. Seasonal artefacts unlock the season’s mod, have a high-end buildcraft utility, provide you a huge bonus in your Power level, and introduce you to counter enemies.

For a higher profit, you shouldn’t pick up anything from Spider bounties, Banshee bounties, or Tangled Shore bounties as they are most likely to go to waste in the new season. Under tips for preparation before witch expansion, you should check out the Pre-season checklist. It will tell you what bounties you should or should not pick.

Store high-end materials

Destiny 2 witch queen prep checklist,

With the launch of the witch queen, the power level will automatically become 1350. To prepare for that gear grinding, you should fill your inventory with high-efficiency materials. Fill up on Enhancement prisms, Upgrade modules, Paravesal hauls and Spoil of conquest.

Make sure to not go over the limit as you may lose some items. According to this witch queen prep checklist, you can buy Paravesal hauls from Starhorse while Spoils of conquest can be farmed. Spoil farming will bring you extra cash that can be used in buying new seasonal guns.

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Decide the best gear

The last step on the ultimate guide witch queen prep is to choose the most appropriate gear.

  • Remove all seasonal artifacts from your year so that they are not lost when you enter the new season. Do not take risks with seasonal gear.
  • Select the best guns out of your vault. Destiny item managers may glitch and create problems while transferring guns from the vault. Hence, you should get your best guns in position.
  • Choose your best and the most effective armor. You can be thrown directly into the mission so better be safe than sorry.

With that being said, you have completed your journey through the ultimate guide witch queen prep.

Additionally, the top things to do before witch queen (Reddit) are Vault cleaning, selecting the best guns (like Chroma Rush, Extraordinary rendition, Agers Scepter, Champion damage), and grabbing as many rank ups from the vendors as you can. Therefore, these are proved to be the best tips for preparation before witch expansion.


Destiny 2 has a lot of new and exciting things in store for the players. To help you begin your game a little better, ultimate guide witch queen prep was provided.

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