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Elden Ring Beginner Guide – Be A Pro

Tips & Tricks to be a pro at Elden Ring Game!

Elden Ring is a role-playing action-adventure game developed by FormSoftware. It was released on February 25, 2022, for multiple gaming platforms. It mainly focuses on exploration and combat.

Since it is a very recent game, most people are still not aware of everything this game has to offer. New players are even confused about some basic elements of the game. So here we present to our readers this Elden ring beginner guide.

This Elden ring beginner guide will cover some of the basic topics which the player needs to have knowledge of while playing the game.

Elden Ring Tips and Tricks:

Elden Ring Tips And Tricks

Here you can find some of the quick Elden ring tips and tricks for beginners:

  • Choose your class: This is the most important route the player will need to choose as soon as they begin the journey within the game. You can always change the character later as well, but the ten starting classes give the character the stats and boosts that are of benefit to that particular play style. You will also be starting the game with matching spells and gears as the model you choose.
  • Find Melina to begin leveling up: In the open world, you will be resting at three sites of grace. A young girl, Melina will approach you. She will be a place for you to level up the character just like other FromSoftware games.
  • Collect runes as much as possible: Runes are important to level up in order to get new bosses and beat them in order to advance in the game.
  • Explore more and more: The more you explore the maps and the locations, the easier it becomes for you to know the locations, where the enemies are situated and also you will get to collect some runes.
  • Choose your paths wisely: The number of bosses you get to fight and the scenarios you encounter solely depend on the paths you choose in the game.
  • Check out tips and tricks videos on youtube: This is one of the most effective ways to learn some good tips about the game. There are tons of Elden ring beginner guide videos on youtube and also a lot of gameplay walkthroughs as well.

These Elden Ring tips for beginners will help new players get the hang of the game and give them a good start. But these are just for beginners and don’t rely only on them as you keep advancing in the game.

Every game can be mastered by playing it continuously and the same holds true for Elden Ring as well. There is a fun and exciting game and as you keep playing it and exploring it more and more the game, you will gain enough experience and easily master it. Youtube videos are a great way to learn the gameplay mechanics.

Does Elden Ring Have a Tutorial?

There are tons of channels on Youtube which are currently making tips and tricks videos, tutorial videos, and also full gameplay walkthroughs. Do check them out as well.

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Does Elden Ring Have a Tutorial?

Yes, Elden ring does have a tutorial. You will easily find it nearby the tree that glows straight ahead as soon as the game begins. You will see a white light and a ledge to your right while going near the tree. Now once you reach there, drop to the tutorial which is named the Cave of Knowledge.

This tutorial will help the player to learn some basic stuff necessary for combat and survival in the game. Basically, these are some Elden ring tips for beginners. Combat and exploration are the key aspects of the game.

The player will learn how to do heavy as well as light attacks, they will get to know about the sites of grace, learn some weapon skills, and also some attacking and defending techniques.  Stakes of the Marika checkpoint system will also be introduced here to the player. Skills like stealing, crouching, and knowledge regarding guard counters will be made available to the player.


Above listed is the list of tips and tricks that you can master and be a pro at while playing Elden Ring and defeat anybody in the game like a true boss. We hope these tips would be of immense help to you while playing this game.

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