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Elden Ring Confessor Class Guide

The Confessor Class is one of the great options in Elden Ring. In this hybrid class, you’ll start with a sword and shield with good strength and dexterity. Spend 15-25 hours exploring the Lands Between with only their starting gear.

The good thing about confessors is that they start with high Faith, along with balanced Dexterity and Strength. Though their Vigor is a bit low which makes it necessary to boost right away to at least 20 or more. You have to increase your Strength and Dexterity to hold their weapons in single or double hands then increase whichever of the two more damage to forty. 

This Confessor Class in Elden Ring-focus on survivability than damage. Stat boost will protect the gamer against various types of damage. Confessor class helps out the players to survive for a long time in the game instead of taking down the enemies.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

Elden Ring Confessor Best Stats

StatsLevel 30 Level 60Level 90

Confessor Weapons Strength, Skills & Scaling

Confessor Weapons Strength, Skills & Scaling

Because of balanced amounts of Dexterity and Strength you can use a mix of swords, daggers, and even bows as their main Elden Ring weapons.

Long swordD StrengthDexterity ScalingSquare Off Skill
EstocE StrengthC Dexterity ScalingImpaling Thrust Skill
Rogier’s RapierE StrengthC Dexterity ScalingRepeating Thrust Skill
FalchionD StrengthDexterity ScalingSpinning Splash Skill
ShotelE StrengthD Dexterity ScalingQuick-Step Skill
Great KnifeE StrengthD Dexterity ScalingQuick-step Skill

Shields: Protection & Skill

Blue Gold Kite Shield Anti FireParry Skill
Great Turtle Shield Anti LightningBarricade Skill
Shield of the GuiltyLow DefenseShield Bash Skill
One-Eyed Shield High DefenseFlame Spit Skill

Sacred Seals:

onfessor: Ashes of War, effects, and Recommended skills
  • God Slayer’s Seal: boosts God slaying Incantations & reaches S rank Faith scaling at 
  • Dragon Communion Seal: boosts Dragon Incantations & reaches S rank Faith scaling at +7
  • Erdtree Seal: Doesn’t boost any particular type of Incantations, though reaches S rank Faith scaling at +5.

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Confessor: Ashes of War, effects, and Recommended skills


Black Flame Learned from Godskin Prayer Book & throw a black ball of fire
Lord’s Heal Big heal to self and those around, learned from 2 Finger’s Prayer Book
Lord’s AidRemoves sleep, poison, and blood loss for self and allies learned from 2 Finger’s Prayer Book
Lightning SpearLearned from Dragon Cult Prayer Book, throw a bolt of lightning,
Electrify Armamentlearned from Dragon Cult Prayer Book & enchant right side weapon with lightning damage
Ancient Dragon’s Lightning SpearLearned from Ancient Dragon Prayer Book &Sends down a red lightning spear from above

Ashes of War

Ashes of WarEffectsRecommended Skills 
Standard Ashes of WarNo Scaling ChangeBarrage, Sky Shot, Parry, Storm Wall, Mighty Shot
Keen Ashes of WarDecrease Strength Scaling & Base Damage, Increased Dexterity ScalingRepeating Thrust, Quick-Step, Sword Dance, Double Slash
Heavy ashes of warIncreased Strength ScalingDecrease all other scalingWar Cry, Endure, Stamp Sweep, Kick, Cragblade & Wild Strikes
Lightning Ashes Of WarDecreases Strength scaling and base damage, Increased Dexterity scaling, Lightning DamageLightning Slam, Lightning Ram
Holy ashes Of warHoly damage, Decreases Physical damage, faith scaling added Golden Vow, Sacred Blade,  Vow of the Indomitable, Prayerful Strike, Golden Slam
Quality Ashes of WarBalances Strength and Dexterity scalingStorm Stomp, Square Off, Determination, Charge Forth

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Spirit Ashes:

Elden Ring Confessor class: Spirit Ashes
Spirit AshesFollowers
Archer AshesThree wields basic bows
Skeletal Militiaman AshesTwo,spear-wielding skeletons which attempt to respawn if killed
Fanged Imp Ashes Two, Throw magic-filled  pots 
Wandering Noble AshesFive, zombie nobles armed with various gear
Godrick Soldier AshesTwo, one a shield vanguard and the second one is a crossbow
Greathshield Soldier Ashes:Five, Use ghost flames & heavy shields
Ancestral Follower AshesOne, Fires a heavy war bow
Banished Knight OlegOne fights with dual long swords
Kiaden SellswordOne, a powerful fighter with a curved cleaver
Finger MaidenOne, Heals & deals Holy damage
Lhutel the HeadlessOne, Armed with a lance & shield
Night Maiden and SwordtressTwo, Dagger-wielding sisters
Omenkiller RolloOne, Dual-wields heavy weapons


Elden Ring Confessor explained in this blog. The good thing this blog is easy to understand and well Explained. Stay in touch for a more trending guide.

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