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Ultimate Guide to Elden Ring Gameplay 2022

Elden Ring gameplay is an action RPG(Role-playing game) developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. 

The game is set within the world of Aion and tells the story of a group of players who attempt to stop an evil god from enslaving the world. The game was released on 25 February 2022.

To help players who are unfamiliar with the game, we’ve put together a guide to walk through the first few hours of the game. This guide will cover the basics of the game, including character creation, combat, and the world.

Elden ring gameplay is a world of black magic, dangerous dungeons, and powerful enemies.

Many years ago, the land was ruled by ‘Queen merika ‘ and her children demigods, from the blessings of the giant Erdtree and its magical power known as Elden ring.

Some unknown powers stole the rune of death from Elden’s ring which leads to war & riots between demigods. Hence, the Elden ring gets shattered.

Your task as a player is to recover the great runes from the maddened demigods to become an Elden lord.

Elden Ring: How Many Hours of Gameplay?

The duration of Elden ring gameplay is about 50 hours. but, the gamer has to spend 123 hours to see all the aspects of the game and to achieve 100% Completion.

Elden ring gameplay allows players to travel in a vast open-world that is filled with treasures, Adventuring Challenges, dungeons, and world bosses in every corner.

Dungeons in the Elden ring gameplay are the optional areas having Caves & Tunnels for you to explore. usually, Dungeons have valuable rewards or crafting materials inside them.

What Level Can You Get To In Elden Ring?

The max level in Elden ring is 713.

From this level, the player will have raised every attributes to the maximum 99. so, for this reason, you cannot spend runes anymore.

Is Elden Ring Multiplayer?

How Many Runes do you Need to Max Level in Elden Ring?

Players need a total of 1.7 billion runes to hit the max level. 

The players receive 5 runes each they kill a boar, and hence you need to kill 338511683 boars to reach the max level in Elden ring gameplay.

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Is Elden Ring Multiplayer?

Does the Elden ring have Multiplayer? – the simple answer is ‘Yes’, Elden ring gameplay also has multiplayer.

The game has an online co-op experience where players can team up with other players to fight against powerful enemies.

You can unlock this feature as soon as you have finished the brief tutorial in the game.

Dungeons and Regions in the Elden Ring

Dungeons and Regions in the Elden Ring

Elden ring walkthrough is presented with a tutorial intro for each place in the main region of the lands between, which links to all major points, mini-dungeons, bosses, and secrets.

This walkthrough will help you to get more powerful with an in-depth guide for the legacy dungeon of that region.

  • Stranded Graveyard
  • West Limgrave
  • East Limgrave
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Siofra River
  • Stormveil Castle
  • West Liurnia
  • East Liurnia
  • North Liurnia
  • Ainsel River
  • Caelid
  • Altus Plateau
  • MT Gelmir
  • Noks Tella
  • Volcano Manor
  • Royal Capital
  • Mountain Tops of The Giant
  • Mohgwyn Palace
  • Lyndell

So, these are some main regions & Dungeons in Elden ring you have to explore to become more powerful and better.

Moving on to the part of ‘How to play Elden ring gameplay’ if you’re a beginner then, this will help you a lot.

How to Play Elden Ring in 2022: 

1. Use The Help Menu:

If you are new to these types of games then, you should use the help menu.

This game can be very disconcerting for you because there are so many stats on the menu and you can’t understand anything.

Fortunately, the game has a help menu, if you go to the menu there is an option for help at its bottom.

If you are playing it on PlayStation or PC then it could be different but, there is an option of explanation, it has a description for every stat & term used in the game.

This is very important for every beginner in this game. 

How to Play Elden Ring in 2022

2. Golden Seeds: 

If you are new to Elden ring gameplay but, want to become better then, the first thing for you is to look out for Golden seeds.

Golden seeds are the items that you can use to upgrade your flask.

These Golden seeds are very important to collect and this will increase flask in the game so that you can fight for long without having any damage.

Golden seeds are typically found in golden trees and if you see them then, run and there will be a purple item for you to collect and this will be the golden seeds.

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3. Lost Grace Discovered: 

Sites of Lost grace are the checkpoints of Elden’s ring. 

These special locations have Luminous remnants of grace and allow a moment of respite in the lands between.

Consuming Golden seeds at a site of Lost grace will increase the number of floss you have. It is very useful because the more floss can more FP that will help you in the battle.

Elden Ring: How Many Hours of Gameplay?

4. Sacred Trees: 

Sacred trees are another type of upgrade in Elden ring. But, this time this will upgrade the quality of your flask.

Which helps you to heal more. Sacred trees can be found in different locations, typically you can find them at churches they will often be at the foot of these statues.

When you are exploring the world please look out for these trees it also has some purple color items to collect this will be a sacred tier that upgrades the quality of your flask.

5. Use Map Markers 

The world of Elden ring is very huge and when you are exploring the open world you will find so many things, and sometimes you will encounter some creatures that are far too strong for you.

At this point, putting a marker on Map will help you to remember your path & route to your aim location.

Using a marker has also another benefit that, if you find a location and want to return there later dropping down a marker will make it much easier to return.

Elden ring multiplayer gameplay,

6. Collect Area Maps: 

When you’re exploring the new areas of the map you will of course open the map but, initially, the map will be blank.

Because you don’t have a map of that area you won’t know where you are going and this leads you to get out of control in the game.

But, if you pay attention to a pillar-like icon, this is essentially the location you need to get in that zone, and at the base of that stone, the pillar will be the map for that area.

The map will help you to explore more in that location. Map of that area will also help you to become safe so, that you can find a way to the golden line.

7. Follow The Golden Line:

If you get lost while exploring this vast world, and want some guidance then, some of the sights of grace have some little arrows (guiding lights) which show point to another site of grace, this will also help you to find out dungeons in the game.

Elden ring gameplay time

8. Follow Spirit Guides:

If you are exploring the lands between then you may encounter some sort of spirit candles but, don’t be hesitate to see them

If you interact with these, it will be someone a spirit guide, these spirit guides will lead you to some secret or cave, which has something to explore, it can be treasure, boss, enemy, and many more.

Either way, interacting with these spirits is very useful in the game.

9. Treasure Dung Beetle:

Look out for treasure dung beetles, they are sparkly little things you’ll see all around the world, they come in many different colors, sometimes the Red beetles that just replenish your flasks and the blue beetles who drop the ashes of war.

These Dung beetles are very helpful to players in Elden ring gameplay.

You can also hear them very clearly. Remember if you find some dung beetles it means it could have some good stuff for you.

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10. Recruit NPC’s For Help:

Basically, NPC’s in Elden ring are the various inhabitants that players encounter throughout their journey. 

These NPCs provide much information that helps the players to fight with bosses, clear their quests, and many more.

They can’t fight with you but, they can take a few hits away from you, and in this movement, you can save your life.


These are a few tips for beginners who want to master Elden ring gameplay. This is a fantastic game, you can perform well if you follow all tips that I mentioned. Hope this blog will help you a lot.

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