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Elden Ring Trailer – Why They Are Fighting?

If you’re a gamer then, you will definitely know about Elden ring. Still many people who have seen Elden ring trailer claim that they didn’t understand anything. If you also facing a problem understanding the Elden ring trailer and many more related to it. Then this article will give you all a brief about the game.

What is Elden Ring

Elden ring is an action role-playing Video game which is Developed by ‘From Software and Published by ‘ Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and was Written by George R R Martin.

Elden Ring was Released on February 25, 2022. You can play Elden ring on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series, etc. It is an action game where the players can roam & explore other places.

This game has similar elements to Souls Series, Bloodbourne, and PUBG gameplay. It has Castles, Forts, Forests, Fortresses, and Catacombs with an Open World Map in it. Players in Elden Ring can explore & Travel in these Places.

Players can encounter many Strange non-player characters & enemies like Demigods (who rule the main area and serve as the game’s main bosses).

Throughout the game, players can discover many weapons, gadgets, etc so they can upgrade themselves to encounter more enemies.

Players have to defeat enemies to upgrade their level and power. This is how the Elden ring game works, moving on to the story of the Elden ring and understanding it.

Elden Ring Trailer

Many people say the story of Elden ring is very complicated but, this is not true. The story of Elden ring is very easy only if you focus on it.

The world of Elden ring is full of magic, powers, demigods, etc. This game is based on a place called the land between. It is a place where the demigods rule over different regions. There is an ‘Erdtree’ located at the center of the Elden ring which blesses the Elden ring with immorality

Elden Ring Story

The story of Elden ring is divided into three parts:- 1 Golden lineage 2 The shattering 3 Demigods. The world of Elden ring is kept in peace by Queen Merika who was one of the most powerful immortals in the lands.

Queen merika married a great giant name ‘ Hoarah Loux ‘ after marrying Queen merika Hoarah Loux and became the first Elden king.

Queen merika has three children named:- GODWYN THE GOLDEN, RODRICK, MORGOTH, MOGH. Hoarah Loux appoints a warrior named RADAGON to fight with RENNALA but, the Radagon fell in love with Rennala and marries him.

Radon has three children:- RADAHN, RYKARD, RANNI. But, after some time Radagon leaves Rennala and married Queen merika, and became the second Elden King. And then, they have two children:- Melania and Nicola.

After it, the son of Queen Merika GODWYN THE GOLDEN dies in a war. After that the queen merika withdraws with the Greater will ( the god of lands between ).

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And, shatters the Elden ring with her hammer but, on the other side Radagon joins the Elden ring but, the Elden ring gets shattered. Due to it, the Erdtree loses its power and its power gets distributed between their children. All the demigods fight with each other for gaining power.

But, few demigods want peace in their region so, they don’t fight with anyone. Hence, wars happen in the land between, and the land between started destroyed. General Radahn the brother of Ranni started the war with stars (the reason is not mentioned).

The most common theory is that Radahn wants to Challenge the Greater will who live in the stars and Communicates through the fingers and after winning the war from the stars. Radahn takes the title of star courage Radahn on the other hand, Nicola makes a tree-like earth tree named ‘halique tree’ for malenia.

Here, Mogh after becoming the lord of Blood wants to make their Moghwan dynasty. Radahn didn’t lose any battles and become more powerful.

At the last, all demigods fought with each other except some, and Melania started securing the Halique tree ( because she want to make it the second Erdtree).

Elden Ring Gameplay

Ending of Elden Ring

An age passes in these battles, at last, the greater will called all the demigods to gather at land between. Then, malenia destroys the Erdtree, and then, Elden ring also gets destroyed then the 6 endings of Elden ring come to exist.

One to fix the Elden ring by doing it the Erdtree will again come to its normal state and the new Elden Lord will be chosen.

And, all the endings of Elden ring came to have a resolution. Another ending says, to follow along with ranni to unlock the age of star endings this is the ending where you can embrace the Elden ring.

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And, you can overthrow merika to bring a new world into a new age. In this age, you have to worship or be guided by moonlight, and here, immorality and the souls are free to move anywhere.

So, this was the whole story behind Elden’s ring. It is very easy to understand if anyone focuses well.

The player can get Elden ring from major retailers like Amazon and Gamestop they have also its most expensive version, you can choose your choice.

Hope this article helped you to understand the story of Elden ring. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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