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How To Get The Glaive Weapon Destiny 2?

How to get the glaive weapon Destiny 2 is one of the most important things that every Destiny 2 player wants to know. The glaive provides a great combination of melee and ranged combat though class-specific exotic glaive called The Edge offers large new skills for users also.

The first glaive was a very powerful weapon that also has a shield that is used by players to protect them as well as it is also used to block the damage. Because of such cool options in mind, and knowing the actual fact that glaives have a big role within the seasonal artifact mods furthermore, players can wish to induce their hands on the weapon as quickly as doable.

Here is a Brief Detail on How to Get The Edge Destiny 2 Exotic Glaive?

For the Edge Destiny 2 exotic glaive, you have to complete the amazing quest Report: Reverse Lure. To unlock this quest you have to complete all the evidence board reports you can search in The Enclave.

Go to Savathun’s Throne World trying to find clues, scanning bound locations, and transportation these objects back to the board, therefore you’ll be able to hang them up in detective vogue.

The biggest barrier in crafting the legendary guns is the 4-day rotation. So you have to track down which gun is available every day.

List of three Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2

  • Edge of Concurrence
  • Edge of Intent
  • Edge of Action

What do they do in Destiny 2?

The Edge of Action is the exotic glaive weapon for the titan class in Destiny 2. It can shoot out a shield that can shield any guardians contained within from incoming attacks

The Edge of Intent-Destiny 2

The Edge of Intent-Require Warlock class lays down a healing turret that can help keep yourself and your teammates by restoring your health for a short period of time.

The Edge of Concurrence – Require Hunter Class and shoots out a wave of lightning spreading across the foes dealing with damage.

Once you complete The Investigation quest, further you’ll be able to unlock the Evidence Board that is located on Mars, at the Enclave. I have listed below the following quest that you have to complete to access the glaive crafting:

Report: RESONANCE-COMP: Search the quagmire, Fluorescent Canal, and Miasma for killing the series of enemies. Get 3 Resonant Runes to collect the reward Osmic Fragment and Throne World weapons.

Report: ALTAR-REFLECT – After picking up the Altar-Reflect mission, visit the Altar of Reflection and solve the puzzles. Before interacting with Altar beat Lucent Archivists such as Lucent Brood Hive Guardians and Altar Witch Eye Shrieker.  

Report: SCORN-ORDER –Finish off powerful Scorn enemies and collect 12 Marching Orders the drop. Then bring these Marching Orders to the Evidence board.

Report: RELIC-DATA – Shape Red Herring, Likely Suspect, Tarnation, Empirical Evidence & Come To Pass weapons. Reshape a weapon and after that apply an Enhanced Trait to it. You will get the Enigma as a reward.

Destiny 2 exotic glaive

Report: STEPS-RETRACED – It is one of the shorter reports on the Evidence Board. You can access this report by access to the Weekly Story Missions. Collect Insight from champions from the weekly story mission. Once you unlock the mission then pick up Insight dropped by Champions. Earn extra Insight by killing enemy champions.

Report: REVERSE-LURE – Final quest: Lure out Immaru at the Queen’s Bailey. Beat the enemies and return to the Enclave.

Report: RELIC-DATA Quest: This quest is the longest quest to get the Exotic glaive because players have to shape 5 Throne World weapons at the Enclave. For this players have to first unlock the pattern for each of them and then they need the material for shaping them. 

Then you’ll need the same for two Wellspring weapons Tarnation and Come to pass. But it is pretty harder to get Tarnation and Come to Pass as Wellspring Weapons Deepsight drops are uncommon and operate on a 4-day rotation.

Though the needed weapons are available, you’ll have to be dedicated while doing this activity and make sure that you obtain multiple Deepsight versions of the weapon as they need multiple completions to unlock the pattern.

WeaponDrop Location Pattern Unlocks Required
Come to pass 2Wellspring activity
Tarnation 2Wellspring activity
Empirical Evidence1Witch Queen campaign
Likely Suspect1Witch Queen campaign
Red Herring1Witch Queen campaign

For reshaping you’ll need a weapon with an Enhanced Trait. You should save your Ascendant Alloy for this step and you’ll get Ascendant Alloys from Master Rahool in the Tower and also by completing the weekly Campaign Mission.

Master Rahool will sell one Ascendant Alloy for 400 Glimmer in a week whereas the Weekly campaign Mission will drop Ascendant Alloy more frequently.

First, upgrade the weapon to apply an enhanced trait. Use Engima glaive crafted at the beginning of the campaign as their go-to weapon to reshape and enhance during this quest, as using it frequently during the campaign will level it up quickly.

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How to Craft The Destiny 2 Witch Queen Glaive?

How to Craft The Destiny 2 Witch Queen Glaive?

Right from the beginning shape and reshape on the default screen of weapon crafting.

Select the shape option to craft new weapons from scratch while reshaping allows you to modify some of their traits and perks. To craft, the Destiny 2 the Glaive select the shape option.

Now select the weapon you want to Shape. Many weapons will appear on your screen as you discover more items to craft. From the list of weapons, pick the Enigma Glaive.

Next, choose a frame for their glaive. For now, only the Adaptive glaive frame is available, so pick that one for now.

After that, you have to choose Haft. There are two types of Haft:

  • Low-Impedance Haft: Increase shield duration, somewhat increase reload speed, but decreases range. Great for guardians who like using the shield feature.
  • Ballistic Tuning Haft: Decrease shield duration, Increase range.Deal damage with the glaive.

Now you can choose the magazine type. For now, there are two types of Magazines now.

  • Extended Magazine: Magazine size will largely increase but slow down the reload speed.
  • Alloy Magazine: Higher reload speed but the magazine is empty.

To move ahead with the crafting process only one Trait option for the Enigma. Select it and move forward.

  • Tilting At Windmills: Increase your movement speed by blocking the shield.
destiny 2 witch queen glaive

The second trait choice offers players an alternate between Kill Clip and Unrelenting. Basically, your choice depends on your playstyle and preference although people who love doing harm can doubtless like Kill Clip, and players who love to maintain good health definitely opt for Unrelenting.

Kill Clip: Good option for players who like to deal damage. Increase damage by reloading after a kill.

Unrelenting: Great Choice for the players who want increased sustain. Strong opponents are counted as multiple enemies. Regenerate your health by rapidly defeating the enemies. 

Plus there is also a Memento socket but for now you cant add anything to it. Now you can prefer the finalized Shape option to craft their brand-new Enigma Glaive.

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How To Get The Edge Exotic Catalyst In Destiny 2?

Presently it is not known a way to get the exotic glaive catalyst in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. It is a gift from a quest from the activities such as Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit. 


In this blog, you’ll get to know how to get the glaive weapon destiny 2. In addition to this, you’ll also know how to unlock the quest and how to craft the Enigma glaive. Comment below for any information that you have missed.

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