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Destiny 2: Prophecy Dungeon Guide (How to Beat)

Dwell into Prophecy Dungeon Loot to acquire gear and beautiful visuals

It was 9th June when Bungie launched the prophecy dungeon destiny 2 in which you can play with two of your friends and can travel to the realm of the nine to harness the secret of the darkness. let’s look into the prophecy dungeon guide in detail.

But as usual The Shattered Throne map and the pit of heresy map the prophecy seems like a raid in terms of mechanics and it will be very difficult for you in the game if you don’t know what to do.

This is a guide on how to beat the prophecy dungeon as you will be facing many levels in this game as well as many enemies who are going to block your way into the game. If you are new to playing Destiny 2, then it can take up to one or two hours to beat the prophecy but if you are an experienced gamer, then it will be only eight minutes of the game for you to complete the mission.

Important Weapons to use Mountaintop, Izanagi’s Burden, Anarchy, Falling Guillotine, Whiteboard.

Loadout: The Mountaintop, Auto Rifle, Anarchy 

The prophecy dungeon guide is mentioned below:

destiny 2 prophecy entrance


In prophecy 2020, your first and foremost faceoff teaches you about the prime technician for the dungeon: Light & Darkness.

You will find a light pillar and a dark pillar at the end of the hall. To clear the light pillar you will need to assemble five Motes of Light ad press the trigger on top of the light pillar, and vice-versa with the dark pillar.

The knights have taken the motes that you need. But the kind of motes that each knight losses gets changed depending upon where you are standing whether it is in light of the shadow when you defeat the knight.

Standing in the correct place will produce different types of mote, you have to collect five of them, clean the comparable pillar, collect the remaining ones, clean them and move on. You will be doing this two times before facing the first-level boss.

destiny 2 prophecy dungeon Phalanx Echo

Phalanx Echo

This mission is tiny so you have to be extra careful. The boss himself is the Phalanx Taken with an immunity shield. Before taking down the boss shield, you will need to clear the four pillars first.

You will have to find out which four pillars are going to spawn, acquire all the motes by centring yourself in light and shadow and clearing each out the pillars. When the pillars are down, the boss shield will also get broken. Defeat the boss with anything you have in hand and secure yourself in the tiny arena.

Phalanx Echo Loot Table:

Judgement Hand Cannon (140 RPM)
The Long WalkSniper Rifle (72 RPM)
CODA HelmetArmour (Head)
Moonfang ArmorArmour (Class Item)


In prophecy 2020 now the first boss is dead, stand up on the sand with your fireteam and get drowned in the wasteland. Travel in the desert with your sparrow searching for taken blights. Defeat them, jump into the floating light and move on to a new area.

While you are roaming searching for Blights, keep your sense looking out for gold sand in front of a ruin. Inside that small ruin is a secret chest. If you are having any difficulty finding it, you should find it after you ridge a few hills.

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Where is the secret chest in prophecy dungeon?

Hidden Chest 1:

You can find the chest in the northern part of the wasteland, straight ahead from you came from. When you reach there, a cube-like structure that will lead you to the next stage, turn around head towards the right. Keep your eyes on a structure with yellow sand. Run up to the sand to find a hidden chest in the building.

destiny 2 prophecy dungeon The Cube

The Cube

Cube Loot Table:

Swift Verdict Sidearm (260 RPM)
The Last Breath Auto Rifle (600 RPM)
COAD ArmsArmour (Arms)

This next mission is a puzzle than a boss. You will find yourself on a giant cube, with light or dark pillars on every four sides. You will find sand circles in the middle of the floor and on each of the walls and ceiling.

Look on to the walls to find Toland, better called the little wisp of light. The cube will teleport you toward whichever pillar you clear. If Toland is on the east, clear the east pillar to move towards the east.

As far as cleaning the room is concerned, your primary focus should be to kill Taken Hobgoblins. Two will be above you at different sides of the room. Kill them and focus your attention on the Taken Acolytes.

If they go unnoticed, then they will unleash hundreds of Eye turrets. Warmind cells and Primaries like Trinity ghoul works perfectly at this stage. Recall your position while fighting the knights, clear the correct plate and stand on the corner plate when you are ready to move forward.

Tips on How To Make This Mission Easier:

  • Use Rat King: Rat kill can make you invisible immediately after you kill someone and can even heal you with the Catalyst.
  • Use Warmind Cells: Each room is small for a warmind cell to clear the addons even after the Season 15 nerfs.
  • Hunter: Go invisible before you attack a Mote to prevent getting sniped from him.
  • Warlock: Devour is the perfect pick for aggressive players.
  • Titan: Throw & shatter a glacier grenade to get your health back.
destiny 2 prophecy dungeon 2 the rainbow

Rainbow Road

Follow the continuous path until you reach an enormous diamond at the end of your path. Taken Vandals and Knights will make a troublesome pair for you in the path. A 160-speed sparrow will be a decent take on the enemies.

If you are looking to make a run for it take this part slowly. When the road ends, look out for a floating platform where you can jump on.

Where is the secret chest in prophecy dungeon?

Hidden Chest 2:

You will find this floating diamond structure on the left of the gravity lift. To reach the structure hop onto the road after you finish the first platform. When you enter the diamond, hop on your sparrow. Run to the bottom right corner of the room where you will find a hole, jump into that hole and follow the way to reach the chest.

destiny 2 prophecy dungeon 2 Kell Echo

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Kell Echo

Kell Echo Loot Table:

Moonfang X7 HelmArmour (Head)
Moonfang X7 ArmsArmour (Arms)
Moonfang X7 ChestArmour (Chest)
Moonfang X7 BootsArmour (Legs)
Moonfang X7 Class ItemArmour (Class Item)

When you start this mission, the waves of Taken Prisons and Knights will start coming into the arena like a wave. Besides, Phalanx Echo, the Kell Echo will have three clones that will start shooting at you from each corner.

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