Metroid Dread: Unsolved Mysteries Sequels Can Answer!

It’s scheduled for release on 8th October and its highly anticipated game as Metroid Dread is being addressed as the final chapter in the Metroid dread sequel guide series which started 35 years ago. For those reasons, the pressure was on the game developer MercurySteam and director Yoshio Sakamoto so they decided to bring an unforgettable Metroid saga that will answer all the Metroid dread: unsolved mysteries.

What Inter-Connections does ZDR Planet hold with the Chozo Plans?

As with Metroid games, Dread starts within an isolated environment full of secrets and hidden areas to quest out for. The detailed environment is a new location (planet ZDR) where Samus is being attacked by a horde of dangerous E.M.M.I robots.

The pre-release of Dread trailers that’s been shown so far hints that the plant ZDR is inter-connected with Chozo Plans in one way or another. We are grateful to Metroid II- Return of Samus guide. We came to know that SR388 is the actual Metroid homeworld and that the Chozo have a disease of settling down on various planets across the whole cosmos.

How Come X-Parasite Survived Planet SR388’s Annihilation?

Metroid Fusion ended its tenure in a fashionable booming with Samus battling against Galactic Federation Orders and also setting BSL station on a destructive collision with the planet SR338 itself. The result which created havoc destroyed the wild hostile area of X-Parasite for good purpose.

Metroid II- Return of Samus Guide leads us to a path where planet ZDR is located at the start of Dread by video transmission claiming that X-Parasite is still alive. That claim is part of a massive plan to bring Samus in or the X-Parasite is alive in some kind of capacity.

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What’s The Reason Behind Samus Still Working for Galactic Federation After Metroid Fusion?

Samus and The Galactic Federation always shared an immense bond. These two have always been great in the past who have saved the universe from any Metroid threat that occurred. The Metroid Fusion however threw some wrench in their bonding.

As we know, Samus went against Galactic Federation’s request to save the BSL research station from any kind of damage. It’s clear that when you go against galaxy’s famous bounty hunter about rearing Metroid as weapons things don’t go your way.

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Why are E.M.M.I. Bots Hunting Samus?

As we saw before the events of the Metroid dread sequel guide the Galactic Federation sent E.M.M.I. bots to ZDR’s platform to prevent X-Parasite from spreading more. One actual explanation is Samu’s alliance with X parasite at the starting of Metroid Fusion.

Furthermore, Samus has gained great skill abilities and has become stronger but also became suspicious of all the Metroid’s weaknesses. So, maybe the bots have been malfunctioned by some other force entirely.

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The Metroid dread: unsolved mysteries is called Metroid Dread and the X parasite is the prime threat in the game. ANd Metroid will surely appear in one way or another. The Metroid dread sequel guide offers you the full solutions to Metroid Dread’s mysteries.

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