The Best Cyberpunk Game Of 2021, The Ascent

The Ascent, an action role-playing video game was launched for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One players on 29 July 2021.

This isometric shooter RPG is set in a cyberpunk metropolis where big corporations rule the world.

The land where everyone works for them in a form of indentured slavery to pay off the debt for bringing them to Veles.

Punchy combat and solid gunplay await in this vortex of drastic events for adventure-loving players.

Neon Giant is a new studio that comprises developers who worked on famous titles like Far Cry 3, Gears of War, Wolfenstein, and DOOM.

The small and dedicated team maximizes creativity and efficiency. This debut successfully sets them on the path to becoming one of the best!

The game allows players to enjoy a twin-shooter quest with up to four players, be it online or offline.

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As the Ascent Group shuts down for unknown reasons, you and your peers are tasked to embark on a great mission to find out what caused it all.

One can play alone as well in the single-player mode. Use weapons and equip deadly gadgets, use the destructible surroundings to your advantage, take cover, and keep adjusting the strategy as you counter enemies.

Customize your character with amazing cyber wear and try various augmentations to take down the evil forces.

Find loot as you explore this incredible world containing filthy slums as well as luxury spheres.

The first two hours may seem a bit monotonous where you mainly tackle rats but soon you’ll be hooked on this 15-20 hour pursuit of taking down a monolithic corporation. 

This game will look even better on the new Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 as it provides a larger-than-life experience. A must-have monitor for true gaming enthusiasts!

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Here are some tips that will help as you begin this fantastic game. Get ahead of the gameplay.

The Ascent Gameplay
The Ascent Gameplay
  • Do not rush to hand in the bounties. Try to have a bunch of them before heading to the bar. It’s not worth going again and again as you’re only getting 1,000 uCreds a piece.
  • Remember to sell all your duplicate items by going in each category to gain a ton of cash. Use these funds to a specific weapon or equipment that will help you proceed.
  • Almost anything can be used as cover. Sometimes it may take time for the crowd to clear out and spot the enemies. Defend yourself from incoming fire first and then shoot.
  • Pay attention to the enemies rushing towards you. Roll and slide to put them off and take them down before they strike. Others can be dealt with once this danger is cleared.
  • Spend your points on aim rather than critical hit or evasion at the beginning. It is important to get the shots right on the target first to kill enemies effectively.
  • Keep an eye on enemies dropping little healing beacons during a firefight. These can heal you too. It is essential to maintain your HP to ensure that you win the battle. The ATMs tend to drop health packs too. Collect them to use whenever required.
  • Explore everything, as the map is filled with junk that can offer gold. There are plenty of opportunities to find uCreds, cosmetics, crafting supplies, armor, weapons, datapads, and even skill points. Stroll through branching paths and smash all visible crates!
  • While fighting a bounty, take your time to kill and don’t die. You will respawn at the nearest checkpoint but the enemy won’t be waiting for you at the spot anymore.
  • Don’t spend precious uCreds on taxi rides, instead take trains. There are metro stations around the map from when you can reach the desired location completely free of cost.

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That is all from our side. All the best in the dangerous Veles, hope you can survive the ambush!

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