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The Good Life Video Game Review: Predictable messy RPG

Like any odd place, this town’s name is Rainy Woods, and like in every small town this town also hides some dark secrets of its own. The good life video game is a mystery, adventure game set in a town where people get transformed into cats and dogs.

At 11 pm, the people of rainy woods town transform into animals and roam around the whole town. It is so real in the game that you could actually walk up to them and pet them but soon your character also possesses the power of transforming into a cat or a dog.

When it comes to effects, it’s an RPG with no combat mode and plenty of tiring quests. The good life game 2021 is a connection spirit. This game involves a murder in a small town which neither has any horror nor any supernatural elements.

The good life video game is more of an upbeat, wicked, and somewhat comedy in terms of storytelling aspects. Your character is an American photojournalist named Naomi Hayward who has come to town for work to pay off her debts.

The Good Life Video Game

Naomi’s character is selfish, rude and frequently cracks funny jokes in the game. The proper way the good life game plays is through its smorgasbord leftover quests. Which have Naomi looking up for stuff, clicking photographs of various items, and goofing around the lake district.

These are some of the RPG side quests you will see on a notice board but you have already been determined by the cast of colorful characters. An open-world no matter whether you explore it on foot or hop on a sheep or on four paws.

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The RPG is just a small part of the story but is necessary for exploration and for the transformation thing. The magical powers allow Naomi to jump over walls and also onto the rooftops transforming herself into a cat.

Unlike the full moon, you can change between your cat, dog, and human form whenever you like. For example, if you want to get out of trouble quickly transform into a dog, if you want to catch small animals transform into a cat.

The Good Life Video Game

Quests can be a great potential for your transformation abilities but Naomi’s camera can also come in handy which can generate content for Instagram’s social media platform. This is the perfect way of earning money into the game.

As engaging are the characters, more engaging is the system and the world surrounding it. You will also notice the details of the game’s British settings. The story of rainy woods focuses deeper into British folklore keeping in mind. The sheep grazing fields and the relaxing pub interior.

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The legendary sword of Curtana is said to be linked to this game. These things are mixed with some sci-fi elements, jokes, and cringe moments. If you go into the game with materialistic expectations, you will be disappointed.

But as I stated earlier this game is a murder mystery game right? But it’s unreal with whatever elements it is having in the game. You can buy decorations for your own garden, harvest vegetables, and customize the style of your house all by yourself.

It’s unreal because it’s the game’s characters that form the core of the Good Life game. The cat and dog elements and their appearance are superb to watch but at certain times, the game feels like a sci-fi tv show.

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The Good Life is a mixed feeling when you are into the game deeply crafting out components for the villagers. The good life video game review is an average game with somewhat horror and supernatural elements.

After playing this good life video game review. I have concluded that it is an average game as the game does not surprise you and eventually in the end you may get bored of this game.

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