Top Indie Games List for PC 2021 (updated)

Creators have come up with several indie titles in the past 5 years as gamers have flocked towards titles that provide soothing entertainment. Some games were built over a weekend by a group of developers and then there are games developed by individual AAA masters to channel their inner freak.

The indie game industry is growing exponentially as the scope is infinite when peers come together to make magic happen. These games take fresh and innovative approaches through their art style, storytelling, and amazing combat mechanics.

Here is the list of top indie games that captured maximum attention in 2021 are as follows:

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium Game
Disco Elysium Game

The beautiful art style, superbly written storyline, and incredibly engaging gameplay of Disco Elysium make this indie game the best of all times. It is a role-playing video game developed and published by ZA/UM.

Play as an amnesiac detective as you go across the large city still recovering from a devastating war. Utilize the unique skills to solve a murder mystery.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys ultimate Knockout Game
Fall Guys ultimate Knockout Game

A platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The colorful Fall Guys: ultimate knockout puts about 60 players through round after round of escalating chaos, the last surviving character wins.

Overcome the unbending laws of physics as you run across ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses to get the golden crown.

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Olija Game
Ouija Game

Skeleton Crew Studio developed a dark 2D action-adventure game and published by Devolver Digital. Ouija revolves around a man shipwrecked to the mysterious country of Terraphage.

Discover a strange world and its inhabitants as you try to leave this hostile nation using a legendary harpoon and your wit. This game is both succinct and pleasing.

Curse Of The Dead Gods

Curse of the dead gods Game
Curse of the dead gods Game

A roguelike video game developed by Passtech Games and published by Focus Home Interactive. In Curse Of The Dead Gods Explore a cruel, dark temple made of endless rooms and corridors as you move forward bombing enemies.

Seek riches and divine powers in this fast-paced combat title filled with intense challenges. The gameplay is truly a blessing in disguise.

Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe Game
Adam Wolfe Game

The most thrilling first-person adventure of the year, Adam Wolfe is the story of a paranormal investigator. Developed and published by Mad Head Games.

The gameplay whirls around ghosts, artifacts, secret orders, and curses. As you move forward solving puzzles, unravel a larger-than-life conspiracy that could lead you to your missing sibling.

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Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet Game
Freedom Planet Game

A 2D platform video game developed and published by GalaxyTrail where the player runs, jumps, and dash through a celestial world. freedom Planet‘s fun fast-paced platformer will amaze you with its great gameplay mechanics.

Find hidden paths and treasures while collecting as many crystals as possible. Fight quirky boss enemies and special bonuses.

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Telling Lies

Telling Lies Game
Telling Lies Game

A voyeuristic adventure game developed by Sam Barlow and Furious Bee, and published by Annapurna Interactive. Telling Lies consists of a cache of secretly recorded video conversations and you are tasked with uncovering the truth.

Incredible acting and deep mystery make this title a must-play. It’s unlike anything you may have played ever.


Gris Game Wallpaper
Gris Game Wallpaper

The Gris is an adventure game developed by Spanish creators Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Full of wonder and beauty, this game boasts meticulous detail, charming aesthetics, and smart design.

Explore a world where you go through light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges.

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