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Where To Get Dead Messenger Destiny 2?

New Dead Messenger Exotic launcher in Destiny 2 is located on Mars, found during the special mission.

Dead Messenger Destiny 2 is the Season of the Risen unique weapon which has arrived side by side with The Witch Queen in Year 5. It is also available for players who don’t have the paid version of The Witch Queen expansion.

Dead Messenger Destiny 2 is one of the new exotic grenade launchers with Season of the Risen. The unique thing about the Messenger Destiny 2 is that it sends out 3 waves of energy instead of dealing with massive damage to enemies in mass. It is a powerful weapon with amazing grenade velocity and reloads speed.

The exotic trait of Dead Messenger season of risen is called the Fundamentals, which allows gamers to change the grenade launcher’s energy damage type by reloading. Here is how you’ll get the Destiny exotic Grenade Launcher.

To access Dead Messenger Destiny 2 you have to complete the first week of Operation Elbrus and obtain it through the Vox Obscura Exotic mission. Operation Elbrus quest is the weekly reset quest that you have access to throughout Season of the Risen and after the completion of the first week, you can speak with Empress Caiatl at the War Table in the H.L.E.M.

This unique grenade launcher in The Witch Queen expansion of Destiny 2 and strongly tied to the Cabal seasonal storyline for season 16. Though you have to complete some additional tasks before starting the Exotic mission for it. 

New Dead Messenger Exotic Launcher: Features

  • Quick Launch:  Faster projectiles and faster aim-down speed.
  • High-Velocity Rounds:  Light & quick projectiles, good reload speed.
  • The Fundamentals:  Solar,  Cycle through Arc, and Void elements.
  • Short-Action Stock Good handling.
  • Trinary Vision: 3 waves of elemental energy are released upon impact on the ground.

The Dead Messenger is a unique Special ammo destiny 2 exotic grenade launcher, which can take adopt any element, similar to the Hard Light auto rifle. 

Press R to use the reload key to swap between Arc, Void & Solar elements.Though it’s not a very important weapon but pretty fares in the endgame content.

Here is a quick reference on how to get the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2 

To get destiny exotic grenade launcher to play the Witch Queen campaign & complete The Investigation mission

  1. Complete the Rising Tension quest
  2. To unlock the Kill the Messenger quest complete steps of Operation Elbrus are given below in detail.
  3. Complete the Vox Obscura mission.
Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher-Destiny 2

Operation Elbrus questline:

Guardians have to move towards Hangar and begin an introductory mission to Season of the Risen. Complete a new PsiOps Battlegrounds activity within EDZ and a series of quests. After completion, the War Table on the H.E.L.M will grant a different questline Operation Elbrus.

Ask Gamers to collect 500 intel, which will be more effective inside PvP. Gamers will get a total of 255 points for each run of 10-minute Controls.

To unlock the Runic chest which spawns at the end finish one more PsiOps Battlegrounds. After some small interactions, the quest steps will reach 7 out of 28. Now Caiatl will appear for giving an exotic quest for the weapon.

Here are the seven steps that players will need to do in order:

  • 1)Enter the Hangar: Kill the opponents outside the hangar & walk down to the hangar to hack it.
  • 2)Steal one of the Interceptor vehicles: Drive one of the vehicles and shoot the doors of the hangar to exit.
  • 3) Clear the Airfield: To complete this task you’ll get 4:30 minutes. First, defeat the Goliath Tank just outside of the hangar and came out just like Unstoppable Champion. Amanda Holliday will drop a Drake for the gamer to drive. Now move towards the Signal Towers & take down 2 more Goliath Tanks & 3 Signal Towers.
  • 4) Enter the Bunker: Use a vehicle to shoot and open the door of the bunker and take down the Unstoppable Champion nearby.
  • 5) Get to the Control Room: You’ll get 10 minutes to complete the mission from here. You’ll need to kill the 3 Psion Codewardens to open the control room doors & hack the terminals next to them. Firstly you need to be killed by Psion Commandefs because these wardens are protected by them inside the bubbles. Beware of fire in the corridor connecting the rooms, as well as Unstoppable Champions.
  • 6) Defeat Qabix: The final boss to beat is inside the Control Room. Be quick as the timer is still running. Qabix is a Psion that can detain the player and after a damage phase, he will be protected by a white shield held together by Psion Commanders on three sides of the room. Finish off the Commanders to lower Qabix’s shield.
  • 7) Loot the chest: There is an entrance that will open up, at the top of the room. An opulent chest will appear in a nearby room after hacking the terminal. Now you’ll get the reward with the Dead Messenger Destiny 2. The audio log from Caiatl changes weekly so gamers must come back & play the mission again.

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Two ways for acquiring the Dead Messenger Destiny 2 catalyst

 Destiny 2 Dead messenger-Vox Obscura

1. Vox Revelata quest

First, make sure to progress through the Operation Elbrus questline & stay updated with the normal Vox Obscura. Once cleared normal Vox Obscura, now you can move towards the H.E.L.M, talk to Caiatl & and pick up the exotic quest Vox Revalata.

2. Vox Obscura Master Difficulty

You have to unlock a quest that is given to the guardians for obtaining the Dead Messenger be Queen Caiatl herself, known as Vox Obscura. Unlike the Parasite mission, it can be repeated on a weekly basis for Pinnacle rewards by killing champions, similar to Harbinger and Presage from season 15.

You should be close to the Power Level of 1550 before jumping head first into Vox Obscura. Quest is comparatively smaller if compared to last season’s exotic missions, the opponents will be remarkably tough for the players who are not that good in the game for all classes. For all classes void builds are encouraged, as well as high resilience & recovery stats.

Vox Obscura Destiny 2 relies on completing goals within a set time against an assault of enemies instead of mechanics. 

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Is there a Dead Messenger Catalyst?

Yes, Undoubtedly there is a catalyst for the Dead messenger. Still, it is mysterious how to earn it. However, a quick review of the Triumphs suggests that there is a Master difficulty version of the weekly quest needed to unlock Dead Messenger Destiny 2. Master Difficulty weekly missions offer skills to unlock the associated Catalyst of the weapon acquired through their Normal difficulty counterpart.


In this article, we have covered quick references on how to get Dead Messenger Destiny 2 and detailed information also. In addition to this, we have included Dead Messenger features, how to get Dead Messenger Catalyst, and Operation Elbrus questline. Stay tuned for more in-depth information about the games.

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