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Which Class To Choose In Elden Ring?

Why it is important to choose the best class in Elden Ring?

There are various classes in Elden Ring and you can choose the best class undoubtedly according to your taste. Some classes are exclusively for beginners whereas some classes are for soul lovers.  

Each class can wield all weapons, skills, and items, provided you level up stats in that direction. Choose class according to your priority instead of a defining choice for the rest of the game. You can also choose the class on the basis of the character type, which means that which type of character you have in your mind choose class according to it.

Elden Ring: Starting Class Stats

Origin ClassLevelVigorMindEnduranceStrengthDexterityIntelligenceFaith Arcane

Best class to choose in Elden Ring

1. Vagabond: 

Elden Ring Class Vagabond

Generally defined as the best class Elden ring for beginners. If you are a newcomer to soul genre games then Vagabond is a great choice. You‘ll start the game with a one-handed sword, a shield & a halberd it means that once you have these weapons you are all set to start the game.

If you begin your journey with fifteen points in Vigor you are able to take a few hits from the early enemies. But for beginners, these points are already invested in Dexterity and Strength so that newcomers can pick up and can try the new variety of weapons.

Vagabond Starting Weapons

  • Longsword
  • Halberd
  • Heater Shield

Vagabond Starting Magic: 

  • None

Vagabond Starting Armor

  • Vagabond Knight’s Armor Set

2. Astrologer

Astrologer Elden Ring

A class absolutely made for the magic lovers! The astrologer is the safest class to engage in battle. In Elden Ring, this is the only good sorcery-wielding class.

Begin this class with a staff, shot sword as a backup especially when you need it most, a small shield for protection along with 2 offensive spells -Glintstone Arc for a cone of effect and Glintstone Pebble for single targets.

Astrologer Starting Weapons 

  • Astrologer’s Staff, 
  • Short Sword,
  •  Scripture Wooden Shield

Astrologer Starting Magic

  • Glintstone Pebble, 
  • Glintstone Arc

Astrologer Starting Armor

  • Astrologer’s Set

3. Confessor: 

Elden Ring Confessor

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly hybrid class? The confessor is a great way to go for beginners looking for a hybrid class. This class is not powerful as any other beginner’s class but it can attack and heal with both spell and sword. 

In this class, you’ll start with a sword & shield with good strength and dexterity. Plus you’ll have 14 points in faith beginning with both the Urgent Heal incantation and Assassin’s Approach for silencing your footsteps. 

You can find Elden Ring Confessor Guide here.

Confessor Starting Weapons

  • Broadsword
  •  Blue Crest Heater Shield
  •  Finger Seal

Confessor Starting Magic: 

  • Assassin’s Approach
  • Urgent Heal

Confessor Starting Armor: 

  • Confessor Armor Set

Best Advanced Class To Play In Elden Ring

1. Hero: 

Elden Ring Hero Class

This class is exclusively made for melee-focused players. If you like big and heavy weapons then go for this class. Show your combat skills in the game. Hit hard your enemies by Greatswords or club. Build your strength in the class.

Hero Starting Weapons:

  •  Battle Axe
  •  Large Leather Shield

Hero Starting Magic

  • None

Hero Starting Armor:

  •  Hero Armor Set

2. Warrior: 

Elden Ring Class- Warrior

A perfect choice for those who want to wield huge weapons and this class is a bit more specialized than the Vagabond. Like the Vegabond it’s an amazing beginner class with a quite few levels & attribute points already invested.

If you like fast and slashy weapons then the Warrior is a great way to go. And those who like to wield large weapons should go for the Hero instead of the Warrior.

Warrior Starting Weapons: 

  • Scimitar (x2), 
  • Riveted Wooden Shield

Warrior Starting Magic:

  •  None

Warrior Starting Armor

  • Swordsman Armor Set

3. Bandit

Elden Ring Bandit

A tricky class wth high rewards especially made for the advanced Soul players. As a bandit, you’ll be equipped with a knife, a small buckler shield, an arrow, and a short bow. Start playing with a knife to attack quickly and deal counterattack damage. Use a buckler to better deal with the damage. 

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Bandit Starting Weapons

  • Great Knife
  • Buckler
  • Shortbow

Bandit Starting Magic

  • None

Bandit Starting Armor

  • Bandit Set

4. Prophet:

Elden Ring Class Prophet

Prophet Starting Weapons:

  •  Short Spear
  •  Finger Seal
  •  Rickety Shield

Prophet Starting Magic

  •  Heal
  •  Catch Flame

Prophet Starting Armor

  •  Prophet Armor Set

5. Samurai: 

Elden Ring Samurai

A very popular class among the players, beginners can also opt for this class. In this class, you are equipped with a longbow, katana, offhand shield, and fine arrows.

Samurai Starting Weapons

  •  Uchigatana 
  •  Longbow
  •  Arrows
  •  Fire Arrows

Samurai Starting Magic:

  •  None

Samurai Starting Armor

  •  Land of Reeds Armor Set

6. Prisoner: 

Elden Ring Prisoner

Enjoy both melee and magical attacks in this class. The prisoner is the easily adaptable class. 

Prisoner Starting Weapons

  • Estoc,
  • Glintstone Staff, 
  • Rift Shield

Prisoner Starting Magic:

  •  Magic Glintblade

Prisoner Starting Armor

  •  Prisoner Attire

7. Wretch: 

Elden Ring Wretch Class

This class is exclusively for challenge lovers. Wretch is one of the favorite ones among the soul players as it begins with a balanced set of attributes. Starting with level one, means you have complete control over your character.

Wretch Starting Weapons

  •  Club

Wretch Starting Magic: 

  • None

Wretch Starting Armor:

  •  None


Are you a die-hard fan of Elden Ring? Not sure which class to pick in the Elden ring. I hope after reading this guide you’ll get all your answers. Still, if you have any queries tell us in below comment section

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